Exhale…There Is Time To Go Slow

I used to be a runner.  I still run sometimes.  But, really I like walking more now.  I need time to exhale and inhale the moments.  Plus, I find I can talk easier with people when I walk.

Today, I had the pleasure of walking with one of my best friends.  She and I are training to run a half marathon in December.  I say run loosely.  Our goal is to walk/run it and finish.  No time pressure.  We just want to complete it.

Today we walked at 9 a.m…not at the 6:30 a.m. time we slotted.  We texted this morning and decided that sleep was more desirable than running at that time.  I pushed her to run/walk with me later this morning.  I showed up at her door, and said “let’s go!”  She is not spur of the moment…I am.  I convinced her to don her shoes and go.  We did.   We took two of her three triplets on the walk with us.  Turn taking as we pushed the double stroller.

Our two boys are 5 and 8 years now…her three are nearly 3 years.  We are on the journey of motherhood together.  We were a sweaty mess by the end of our three miles.  We did it.  Our day has started.  Our journey is long.  Our walks can be short.  Making time to exhale.  We talk, we love, and we go.

Blessings to you as you exhale and share moments with family and friends today.  Linking up with Five Minute Fridays: www.lisajobaker.com




9 thoughts on “Exhale…There Is Time To Go Slow

  1. What a powerful quote you started this post with. Slowing life, yes. Only by exhaling can we create the space needed for inhaling the good stuff. Thanks for the reminder. Nice to neighbor with you at Five Minute Friday.


    1. I found the quote on pinterest. It apoke to me and coincides with what I thought about today. 🙂 thank you beth for coming by neighbor!


    1. Thanks Kristin for stopping by AND commenting. The beauty of friends I find is celebrating our similarities and the differences!


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