Lost At Sea

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. – Matthew 16:25 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew16:25&version=NIV

Earlier this week I lost a very expensive pair of prescription sunglasses at sea. Deep in the ocean, I fell off a paddle board.  I do not regret the loss.

Five minutes off the paddle board and back on.  Total thirty minutes or so of a special experience.  I paddled with my husband in the Atlantic Ocean.  It qas something I had wanted to tey for a year or so.  We did it!

I offered a finders award to my teen nephew and my niece’s teen boyfriend…we snorkeled and searched.  The lost “things” are often not found.  My hope is the “lost people” are found. That is what matters. Experience life. Share love today.

Five Minute Friday “lost” post.


lisa jo baker


Jesus is my lifeguard.  Who do you trust with your life?  Go forward and do something new and adventurous today!  If you fall…get up and go again!

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4 thoughts on “Lost At Sea

  1. Oh wow. How serendipitous! You are my neighbor at FMF, and my original poem title for the word lost was “Lost at Sea”. I ended up changing it to just plain Lost. So cool! Well, Seeings how in my poem on this word I said Jesus was at the helm of my ship and my life vest, I would say it is He that I trust with my life :). Love the synchronicity here. Great post today! With love, Rebekah (weliveinspired.com)


  2. I know what you mean- sometimes the experience is worth the lost items on the way- makes me think of my favorite canoe trip when I was a kid! 🙂

    Visiting from five minute friday! I did my friday on saturday, but whatever!


  3. Joining you from FMF; I had to read what you posted because of the picture. I just got home from four days on a sailboat with my husband, daughter, and three tween grandchildren. We constantly lost things, but never permanently. Love your attitude and your perspective is Truth. Blessings to you


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