Wellness Wednesday–Medications + Supplements

2017 was and rough year for me personally health wise.  2018 didn’t start out much better.  However, today and this week I’m feeling healthier.  I see doctors (primary care doc, psychiatrist, and OBGYN). My health team includes doctors yes, but also a counselor (LCSW), family, friends, & me.

Neighbors, church people, & others that have been placed as “pebbles in my path.”  That pebbles in my path expression comes from one of my mommy mentors in the neighborhood.  I like it.

Who are your pebbles in your path? 

Who is on your health team?

It’s important to consider the people & efforts that we make toward our physical, spiritual, & mental well-being. 

Friends are awesome for spontaneous or planned out chat & walk times.  Yoga classes and at home stretching help body, mind, and spirit to focus.  Many appointments  provide on-going adjustments to my medications and/or supplements. 

Presently I take 3 medications & 4 supplements (EB-P1 folate, Iron, Vitamin D3, & a food supplement from Whole Foods with lots of veggies crammed into capsules).  These are all taken because of recommendation from my psychiatrist.  Soon I will start a new compounded form of slow release Progesterone.  There are SO many angles to approach body, mind, and soul care. 

I find that it’s an eclectic & ever-changing process.  There are numerous medications & supplements that hit my bin as “hold for later” & a big Ziploc bag on the top of my fridge for ones that didn’t work for me.  These medications and supplements cost a lot of money.

I am truly sorry and empathetic for those that do not have access to modern medicine, supplements, or healthy foods.  I give thanks for the resources via our health insurance and frugal family budget.  Plus we live in the United States of America which allows for opportunities many nations/people will never have.

By reading online and in real books I find honesty & inspiration.  My current good read is by Bonnie Gray on my phone Kindle app: Whispers of Rest.  This book encourages self-care.

There are always many other adult & children’s books on our coffee table, bedside tables, bookshelves & in the bathroom.  I have found it is good to place books, newspapers, and magazines where anyone in the house can see them.  We can find snippets or hours at a time to read if we try.

I try hard to manage my physical, mental, and Spiritual health.  There are days that I feel good and some days I feel very bad.  It’s okay to not be okay.  Lately, I try to be quiet and listen to others while also being transparent in sharing my struggles.  Mental health stuff is no joke.  It seems there is always more to come in terms of treatment and analysis.

Romans 5:4-5

There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling shortchanged. Quite the contrary—we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!

What do you do for your health?

What are your go to supplements?

I’d’ love to hear via the comments.



Short Thoughts on Sunday

I’m back to blogging.  But, I will not be writing as often as I used to.  New personal plan:

Blog ONCE per week.  If I make it great. If I don’t it’s nothing personal.

I’m carving out “ME TIME” this year.  2018 is going to better than last year…I hope.

Faith, Family, and Friends come first though.  I may be busy doing other things.

I may be able to make my blog goal, and then again I may not achieve it.  Either way know that I appreciate you reading (and/or “Following”) my blog.  It is a personal space for me to record my thoughts, my prayers, and pictures of memories in the making.

Paper scrap books are a thing of my past.  I’m trying to modern it up!  Blogging to me is a journal/scrapbook.  It is a sharing space.  It is private, yet at times okay to be public.  Please settle in a read or don’t read my other posts.



I think I may have OCD!

I wrote this in November 2016, but it still holds true.
I think I have a touch of OCD, and it is okay.
We all have “something”, and we’re all “special*.”


I think I may have OCD. I’m not sure though. I have a definite diagnosis of anxiety and depression. But, in talking with and observing friends this past week, as well as introspection, I saw similarities and big differences between myself and others.

I especially identify with my dear friend with 3 boys who like me is a high achieving spinning top of a lady! You kind of have to be energetic to make it with boys (and husbands). She is struggling. I was trying to offer ideas of things that have helped me.

My husband and her husband are both in IT. Our boys are similar in age. We both have messy houses but desire cleanliness. We both struggle to make time to sleep and eat. We worry. We want to perfect things but aren’t quite sure how to. Motherhood is mayhem.

Mayhem is not good for OCD people…

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To My Fellow Lark

Dear Addison,

Today is your birthday.  I am up early, and I have no doubt you will greet me soon pre-dawn.  I learned this year via my Fit Bit Charge 2 that I’m a “lark.”  A lark is someone who tends to wake earlier than most versus a night owl which I’m most definitely not.  You and I share this innate ability to wake early always.  Earlier than most.

Most people sleep past 6 or 7 a.m.  Not us.  You are a sweet lark greeting the morning quietly (like me) with books, computer time, and quiet.  I’m thankful to get to share the quiet mornings with you even if we don’t talk that much it’s nice to have “company.”

Your company never ceases to impress.  You have always been highly verbal.  You talk a lot.  But, we love that about you.  You always have funny and profound things to say.  Your mix of talents always amazes and baffles me.  I truly don’t know what you will be when you grow up.  You likely don’t yet either.

Likely you will be successful, determined, and sing a bit along the way.  You are a talented big brother, and you share (most of the time) your knowledge and time well with your brother.  We are so thankful to have two sons who get along so well.  You creatively play together to invent elaborate cardboard forts, repeat You Tube experiments with whatever we have on hand, and patiently accept whatever is asked of you.

You came into this world eagerly at three weeks ahead of your due date, and I’m super thankful because you weighed 8lbs 3oz and greeted the world immediately in a funny way.   You peed all over the nurse who held you right after your birth.  You continue to make us laugh.  Some of the funniest things you have done in your years include the following:

Drew a “stop sign” by the front door in our GA home when you were about 2 years old.

Painted with your “poo” once in GA and in KS when you were 2-3 years old.

Peed on the sidewalk chalk art of your peers at preschool (2 year old class).  No fear for public urination apparently.  I see a trend.

Had an imaginary pet rat named “Seeko” that you liked to blame for antics that you actually did growing up.  He was with our family from your 2-4 year old stage of development.  We later learned that kids with imaginary friends are quite bright and most definitely creative/imaginative.

At age 3 you greeted alongside us in your tiny suit coat church members after your brother’s baptism as if you were a grown up.  Possible future in church, political, or other leadership?!

By age 4 you were building Lego creations that were amazing.

By age 5 you were ready for Kindergarten in Kansas with no fear.

By age 6 you were entering the 1st grade in Florida and ready to play tackle football.  You had wanted to play since you were little, and you went with a strength and tenacity that still impresses me.  You are strong.  Your team was intense, and it fit you well.  However, you also learned that football was one of many sports you were game to try.

By age 7 you were reading avidly.

By age 8 you were starting to learn about science in hands on ways.  Remember the Kinetic Stick bombs with hundreds of jumbo craft sticks?  Yeah you did those, and you taught your classmates, your brother, and me how to do them too.

By age 9 you were starting to discover your talents as an actor/singer.  You enjoyed being “on stage” and confidently delivered lines in Junior Broadway productions at our church.  You impress Mr. Tim enough to have gained these roles through the years:  King Triton, Little Mermaid; Colonel Hathi, The Jungle Book; Timone, The Lion King.

By age 10 you had taught yourself about computer coding, college level Chemistry, and read more books than I can count.  You developed a computer program with impressive possible applications.  Talkily is an impressive way to make another mark on this world.

Now, at age 11 years you are beginning to embark on the tween years.  You are mature, yet silly.  I love that you are bridging child and adulthood.  I just had you enter the office…it’s 5:01 a.m.  He doesn’t want to read this (yet), but now he has a dream to tell me about…..

Love you Addison and Happy Birthday!





Backwards and Forwards

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.


Dear Bryan,

Tomorrow is your 8th birthday.  I’m often thinking of your life backwards and forwards.  You are an interesting child, and I have no doubt you will be an amazing original adult.

As an original you have never ceased to surprise your father and me.  We see you as a little fierce one.  When you were born you came three weeks early.  You were tiny, six lbs and some change.  You were and still are smaller framed than your older brother.  BUT, you are fierce.

Your fierce and fiery spirit make you athletic, eager, and artistic.  You are changing with the minute.  Your energy level is boundless once you have had time to wake up.  You are a night owl like your daddy.  You rise slower in the morning but burn brightly as the day unfolds.  You are socially slower than some, but once you feel comfortable and confident you are a force that creates waves.

Your waves have always been strong.  You learned to walk chasing a basketball on the pool deck in our Kansas neighborhood, you swam earlier than you brother at under three years of age on your own, and you learned to ride a bike when you were 4.  Now, you can do a standing flip from the side of the pool with no formal gymnastics or diving training.  Your athleticism and artistic out of the box thinking make you really good at jumping ramps on your bike and skateboarding too.  Your eight year old self is pretty cool.

We love you.  We look forward to watching you continue to grow up.  Keep loving pink no matter what others say.  Your future awaits…press play.




Photo by: L Marcus, May 2017


Kindergarten and Oceans of Time

Our boys now, in 2017, finished second and fifth grade. We are excited about middle school, and we are thankful for a summer break. I continue to realize the beauty in each stage of parenthood and childhood. God continues to shine more than I imagined possible.


Today, I will take our youngest to register for kindergarten at our local elementary school.  He will join his big brother, neighbors, and his fellow friends from preschool and soccer.  It will be a good thing.  The journey of milestones continues.

Do you remember when you started kindergarten?  Your children?  Your grand children?  Life seems to fly by in a blink at times.  I do remember my kindergarten years.  I was an introvert like our son Bryan, but super patient and encouraging teachers year after year brought me out of my shell and into a confident young lady ready for college and adult life.  I am here now.  I am the mother.

Motherhood is filled with surprises.  Some moms cry when their kids go to Kindergarten.  Not me.  I rejoice!  I am thankful we have brought our boys this far, and I am confident that God will lead them with…

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Do Mayhem with Friends and Family

I’m late to this week’s “Five Minute Friday” blogging party.  This week was a whirlwind.  It was the last week of school for our kids, and it was a modified mess.  My husband and I still had work, and the kids still had school…BUT there was a lot of extra oddness about the week: class parties, game days, early release days, etc.

The oddness began with a Monday monsoon.  It crept in on us in the middle of swim team practice.  We live in Florida so this isn’t a surprise.  However, the last year has been very dry.  We have had little to no rain most weeks.  Then, on Monday night…BAM!   Lightning hit and the thunder roared, and God let down buckets of rain to scatter us parents, kids, and coaches to the protection of overhangs and vehicles.

I grabbed my son and a neighbor boy with our towels and headed to my car.  I texted G’s mom to get my older son and her kids to join me in my car poolside.  I parked close seeing the pending storm on the horizon.

I would drove her to her car across the high school (about 400 yards away) to the football lot.  I have two sons.  She has two sons and a daughter.  So two wet moms and five wet kids were a glorious mess.  We were soaked…her more than me.  I grabbed two kids more quickly because they were already OUT of the pool.  Then she came trudging through the muddy floods with the others about 5 minutes later.  I tried using a golf umbrella to meet her.  That was silly.

We piled C and T into the back of my car and took that short trip to her car without seat belts for a couple.  This was SO exciting for our kids because:

#1 It was raining hard.

#2 These rule driven mamas were totally breaking “the rules.”

#3 It was a Monday night!

If this isn't the best picture I've ever seen. #momofmayhem #mayhem #masschaos…:

What I learned this week: Do mayhem with family and friends!

The week ensued with no less drama.  Three of us moms in our neighborhood bailed on Wednesday’s swim practice even though the sun was shining.  It was just too much ya’ll.  The weeks can be hard.

We need to make time to visit with each other and the Lord.

We capped off our week with a six hour pool hop from house to house with many kids in tow.  Moms and dads teamed to let the crazy shenanigans of summer ensue.  The pool hop is a neighborhood tradition that we all love.  It is mayhem.  It is joy.

Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling, pool, child, swimming and outdoor

I spend more time venting about my problems and bragging about my joys than sharing about my faith.  I’m a work in progress.  But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting with friends and family.  I’m thankful to have moments to visit mixed into these wild weeks.  We’re in this crazy world together.  Let’s take time to love one another.  Even if you are an introvert like me.

piano quotes photo: Love is like a piano 18541_241686203210_837168210_311494.jpg:

I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

Acts 20:24 NIVUK

Dear God,

You are the Master of our mixed up Earthly home.

Forgive me for when I see chaos and you see purpose to the race we’re in.

Thank you for your presence and peace amidst wild weeks.

Give me a heart to see the good around me. 

Give me the eyes to see others. 

Give me the voice to speak of You.

And, help me to be quiet to listen and visit with you and others more purposefully.