12 Ways to Liven Up Your Marriage

This weekend marks our 12th wedding anniversary. Marriage is magnificent and messy. Sometimes there is laughter and at times tears.  Joy and frustration are a part of life…a part of marriage. We still love one another. We still “date.”

Twelve ways to liven up your marriage come from my twelve years if learning and loving…

1. Date your spouse. Arrange for at least one date night a month…more if possible.
2. Take a trip away annually.  Our goal is to see the fifty states together. Sans kids…make an investment in memories.
3. Sex it up. Need I say more?  Sex is a beautiful thing, and it does get better with time.
4. Buy your spouse a present…an I love you gift can be given any time. Small or big…they all count.
5. Touch your spouse in public. Yes…pat him/her on the butt. Kiss. Hold hands. Touch his knee. Massage her shoulders. Rub his back…etc.
6. Text funny things to each other. Develop your own codes words, acronyms, and cute affirmations. Set a time for play time via text or email. Let your spouse know you are thinking of them!
7. Pray together. This is a tough one. It took years for my husband to be comfortable with it. We still need work on this one. But, it is a powerful way to breathe Life into your marriage.
8. Lay together. Slow down. Drop your phones and technology. Rest in each other.
9. Shower together. This past year my husband and I adjusted our morning routine to shower together almost every morning. It is a perfect time to talk and play.
10. Have kids. If you do not already have kids I recommend having some or adopting. A TV show once said “it was time to add bew characters to our marriage. ”  It is so thrilling and fun to have a family. If you do not want kids of your own…perhaps a cat or a dog will do.  Or, take your nieces and nephews for a bit to lighten their parents’ load and brighten your day!
11. Exercise together.  Most marriages I observe have an active person and an inactive one.  If you are inactive…try being active with your spouse…run, walk, bike, kayak, or take a yoga class together.  I am a fitness fan.  My husband not so much. He is willing to exercise with me sometimes though, and I treasure and give thanks for those times.
12. Love one another. It is the gist of marriage. It looks different for you and me. Do it your way. Do it well.




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9 thoughts on “12 Ways to Liven Up Your Marriage

  1. Hi Grace! You’ve got some good suggestions here. Well, I don’t know if I could take a shower with my husband every morning (our stall is super small) but to each couple has their own ways of loving, as you say. 🙂 Excellent advice, practical,down to earth ways to love!


    1. graceglimmers 2014-11-13 — 03:27

      Betsy, Yes…some shower stalls are super small. We have had previous houses like that. Are present one is a “party shower” as I call it…our two young sons like to team up for showers too. You are right…making ways to love your spouse in your own special ways is the key. I’m thankful you stopped by, and I’m glad that the words here were practical for you. May God bless you and your marriage this day and all the days forward! With Him in the center…we grow toward a loving and lasting relationship. Love, Jenn


  2. Great post and so true. I honestly think we are happier now than when we first married for a couple of the reasons you listed above.


  3. Loved these tips and wholeheartedly agree!


    1. graceglimmers 2014-10-11 — 02:57

      Thank you for commenting! Agreement ia awesome!


  4. Chris Malkemes 2014-10-10 — 04:18

    How wonderful you are together. Congratulations…12 years…good job.


    1. graceglimmers 2014-10-10 — 04:24

      Thanks Chris!


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