12 Ways to Help a New Mom

This past week I have been at my sister’s house for a visit.  Seven weeks ago she and her husband had a new baby girl.  Her and her husband are a military family so my brother in law has a variable schedule with long hours.  They also have a very intelligent and active four year old son.

Enter in Aunt Jenn. I flew from FL to TX…leaving my family behind. Here are twelve things I did that may help you or help others who need to give or ask for help when a new baby comes home…

1. Hold the baby.
2. Play with the other kids so mom and dad can pay attention to the new kittle one and each other.
3. Cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the family…we all gotta eat!
4. Buy a small gift for the sibling.
5. Pray with the new mom out loud.
6. Take pictures so that they have some candids of what you see as sweet.
7. Write a note of encouragement to the new parents.
8. Take the baby for awhile so the mom can shower,  shop, or sleep wothout the whimpers close to her.
9. Hug the dad.  Encourage him too.
10. Clean something without being asked.
11. Do some loads of laundry without veing asked.
12. Love them. All of them.  They are adjusting, happy, and very tired.

May God bless you with grace and peace…enough to share with others. Even if you have never had a child of your own…you can still support new parents!  p.s. I did not do any thing quite like my sister does.  But, things got done. Love and laughs were shared. That is a gift.


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6 thoughts on “12 Ways to Help a New Mom

    1. Sister time is special. I am so happy to see the mom you are! You are so gracious with your husband and children. Love on!


  1. Reblogged this on graceglimmers and commented:

    As Mother Day approaches think of a new mom you know…it may be a mom who has even had a second, third, fourth child. A neighbor, a daughter, a sister, friend who may need a little encouragement or hands on help. Love to all the moms and those who support moms!


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