The Sun'll Come Up in the Morning

During high school I had a wise cross country and track coach. He had a very important sentence to guide any sort of disappointment we may have in ourselves, in our team, or in the outcome of a race: “The sun’ll come up in the morning.” He meant that tomorrow we could train again or race again. We were a small blip on the radar of the Lord. He controls the sunrise. That is far more glorious than any race of today.

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Today you too may face uncertainty about tomorrow. I’ve got some good news for you. Tomorrow the sun’ll come up! We are not in the end days. Although my sister in law did experience an earthquake and fear the locusts would be next…my son reminded us that the locusts did come recently in Africa. Perhaps this is the end. I doubt it. I think God has bigger things to do. I think this time is a season where we can depend on Him to shine the Light of the sun He created and the Light we shine as Believers. Will we shine?

Tomorrow and today we can. We can shine a light of love to others. We can be the Church. We can be a body that loves our own children, spouses, and friends well from a close proximity at our own homes and in the community at a distance. We can smile. We can share (toilet paper) etc. I know the sun’ll come up today. It is dawning now here in Florida.

Are you assured that the sun’ll come up in your neck of the woods too?

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Dear God, You are the Sun Maker. We are reminded that just as the sun rises day in and sets at the days end You are with us. Your Son too rose. He went dark. He came back into the light. We can be assured by Your love for us and share Your love with others. Help us to be a light today and tomorrow. Amen.

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3:24, ESV)

Nothin' but Time

It seems we have nothin’ but time. Are you working this week? Next? Things are pretty quiet here in Blowing Rock, NC. We did find some stores and restaurants open, but there is definitely a cautious vibe. We got take out pizza last night from the local Mellow Mushroom. We also got frozen yogurt (with toppings surprise!) at the Sweet Frog in Boone, NC. It was a perfect end to a foggy day.

We did hike yesterday briefly in the foggy/rainy weather. The trails were mostly quiet. We saw a few cars and people in the parking lot, but even on the trails people kept their distance.

It seems people have nothin’ but time. We are working limited hours or not at all. Since I’m a speech therapist so far no word on work. I am supposed to be getting an email from the higher ups soon. I’ll check that when we get back to town and back to my work laptop. This week is spring break so no rush in my opinion. We wouldn’t go back until next week possibly?!

What are we doing with the extra time? I’m planning to see private clients in their homes next week and teach some tennis. I think social distancing is fine, but I do believe you can still be cautiously social as long as you and your visiting parties are healthy.

So…cheers (with tea or coffee) virtually to you my friend! What are you doing with your free time? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear!

Dear God, You gave us time. Forgive us when we don’t use it wisely. It is so easy to waste time. Give us hearts and bodies that work for Your glory and goodness. Help us to show love at all times and especially at this time when the world seems a bit on edge. Amen.

Drink Some Tea and Chill Out.

I sit in our rental house this morning. I’m on my second cup of tea, and we are all chilling out on our individual screens. We are on vacation. After reading this article by Nebraska Med…I feel like we’re doing this a bit wrong. We traveled despite the warnings that COVID19 is spreading in the USA. We are a healthy family so we figured an isolated cabin the woods and outdoor snow skiing and hiking were pretty safe. We may be wrong?

With all the news it is easy to believe that the world is going to perish. I don’t think we are heading there. I believe we are very much an alive society that needs some interactions with others beyond our own families. I could be wrong. I see it fit to live your lives and take the precautions of hand washing (of course). I think we can look at the bright side of this newly acquired lack of school and lack of work for some (including me).

I think distance learning for kids and adults is fully possible in today’s day and age. We have internet access and the world wide web networks us through news, blogs, and social media. We are not truly isolated anymore. That being said…thank you for reading my blog. I found out this morning in my stats that 52 of you fine friends follow this blog. I would love to know why? What are my posts that led you to click the FOLLOW button. I’d be happy to write more on those topics. I just need to know what you’d like to hear from me.

Me…I’m a mother of two boys ages 10 and 13 years. I’m married to my college sweetheart…GO NOLES! I work as a speech language pathologist in the public school setting in central Florida and also run a small private practice providing in home speech therapy services to children. I have been a blogger since 2010. I have blogged about my 1000 gifts a few times over. I have shared my journey as a person with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder…pick your favorite label. I try to share a prayer each time I write, and I have self published 4 books on the topics of early childhood development and Anxious Always, a story of mental illness through the decades of my own journey. These are available on Amazon Kindle and paperback. I’m working on a fiction novel now to also cover bipolar disorder. What else? I’m a yoga loving, running, and walking female that enjoys the outdoors just as much as writing and reading indoors. I like to cook, I stink at baking, and I like to read many books at one time.

Drink some tea and chill out.

Dear God, You are the Divine Master of the world we live in. Forgive me when I doubt myself and forget to trust in You alone. Give us peace at time like this. Give me words to share that spill forth from my soul and Your Spirit. Thank you for this day. Keep us all healthy and happy. Amen.

Appalachian Ski Mountain Day

Yesterday, we went snow skiing. It was the second time for our whole family to be on skis together. We had gone once in Utah back a few years ago. This was our east coast debut. We went to the ski slopes when they opened, and we were grateful we had paid for everything online before arriving. We were on the slopes pretty quickly and had the place to ourselves mostly, ahem nationwide adjustments.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor

We skied the green mountain several times, and then we divided up. My husband and our older teen son went up the ski lift to the blue trail. Our younger son and I stayed on the green slope with the conveyer belt lift. I finally mastered that…the belt was harder than the skiing! I about landed on my face several times.

By mid day our youngest son was brave enough to do the Strudel Blue Slope too. We took a break for lunch in their restaurant…good but costly. The lunch cost as much as one person’s ski day. The lift tickets and ski equipment were pretty cheap actually. The whole family was about $250. Lunch was $40. We hit the slopes again after lunch and all skied the blues mostly. We divided up a few more times, and in the end it was just the boys for a bit. I was tired from the exertion. Skiing is a workout, but it is oh so fun!

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting

Here are some pictures from our day. I highly recommend this resort for families or individuals looking for an east coast ski spot that is fun and low cost. It is surrounded by steep mountain roads so you may want AWD aka 4 wheel drive. My husband was pleased to use that feature on our truck. I was pleased too as we navigated twisty mountain roads to access our rental cabin and the ski spot.

Image may contain: 1 person, child, shoes and outdoor

Truly, I am grateful for our day of skiing. We may go again today at a different mountain because yesterday was the last day App Ski Mountain would be open. Sugar Mountain is supposed to be open today, so we may have a road trip! I’ll end today with a prayer of thanksgiving.

Image may contain: 2 people, sky and outdoor

Dear God, You are the Mountain Maker. Forgive me for when I slip into detail focus instead of the wider lens of what You have created around us. You are truly the designer of the small birds and the big mountain-scapes. Give me eyes to be forever grateful. I am thankful we had this family time, and I pray you will keep us and my readers healthy. AMEN.

Misty Morning

“It was a misty morning at the top of the hill, with all the trees below me standing quiet and still. It’s the just the mornings way of thanking God for today.” –Misty Morning, a song I sung in choir as a youth at our church.

Foggy Mountain Print Storm Clouds Mountains in the Horizon image 0

When I googled Misty Morning artist…I found out that Bob Marley has a song by the same name! Jamming out to that now while I write to you, my dear reader. What’s happening in your morning? I have made the choice to snooze Facebook friends who post odd things about COVID-19. I know it’s out there. I know that it matters, but I also know that there is so much more going on in our world. My neck of the woods quite literally is quiet this morning.

I’m thankful that we have made the decision to carry on with our spring break trip to the mountains. Yesterday’s road were clogged immensely with other travelers too. Our 8 1/2 hour drive became nearly 12. I am still glad we made the journey as I know this mountain retreat is what our family needs this week. We are off of school and work, and our anxieties can abate here. We can enjoy the quieter life of cabin life.

We can listen to Bob Marley, play on the Nintendo switch, read the news, read a fiction book, snow ski, bake, cook, sleep in, and stay up late by the fire. I pray your week finds some respite too. I know every area of the world is reacting differently. I know that He is watching and has the ultimate power to silence this storm.

Dear God, You are the Misty Morning Man. You have created this day for us. Forgive me when I get too caught up in social media. Help us to disconnect from that a bit this week. Give us time to do new things together. Amen.

Lamentations 3:22-23 [Full Chapter]
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

Clear Skies

Day 10 :: Clear

Today is my final day of the 10 day writing challenge from Kate Motaung. I appreciate the challenge it’s been fun. I don’t usually write many posts in a week. Typically 1-2. I am glad you have stuck by me reading my passages. Thank you.

We have had clear skies in Florida this week. No rain. No snow. Very few clouds. It’s been in the 80s all week which is a welcomed heat. We have been working, but we have also made time daily to be outdoors. In fact, yesterday on the tennis court I got a slight sunburn on my shoulders. I’m not complaining.

What is the weather like where you live?

Genesis 1:15…and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so.

We have lights in the vault–the sun, the moon, the stars to light our days and nights. I have never considered that the sky is a vault. The sky is most definitely a precious vault that holds so much. The clouds that cool and provide rain/snow. The birds of the air. The insects that fly. The sunrise and sunset each day. It is truly a gift.

Dear God, You are the sky maker. Forgive me when I focus too much on the land. Thank you for giving us air to breathe, and the sky to shine its lights upon us. I am forever grateful for the gift of life. I am thankful to be in Your World. Amen.

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Less Mistakes

Day 9 :: Mistake and Less (from the Five Minute Friday Community)

Day 10 :: Clear

I’m a bit behind on the 10 day writing challenge so I blended it with the true FMF writing prompt for today as well. I am writing on Mistake and Less…thus Less Mistakes.

I am making less mistakes these days. I have finally gotten to a really good place of stability on my medications. I have clear focus, good sleep thus good energy, my appetite is normal, and I’m feeling really level mood wise…good actually! This is a huge victory because I have not always been in a place of less mistakes. In the past my mistakes have included:

aggression towards my spouse and children (short fuse)

less clear focus that causes me to have memory lapses

sleeping too much or too little which causes the above two possible mistake arenas

missing out…due to a depressed or anxious mood I miss out on relationship building with co-workers, friends, and my own family.

These aren’t really mistakes I guess as much as they are disappointments in myself. We all make mistakes, and mistakes are often unintentional. I believe my moods are unintentional at times. My brain chemistry with hormones and mental illness at times get unlevel. I share these woes with my family, my doctor, and my counselor. They are a part of my team. They cheer me on and offer their help as they are able, but ultimately it is up to me. I have to decide to exercise, take my medicine, advocate for myself to professionals when I’m not well, and pray a lot. I have to dive into all the areas of mental health respite.

I am thankful that today I can say I am well. It is well with my mind, body, and soul. I am making less mistakes and taking on more victories. God is with me, and He’s never left me even when I sin and make mistakes He is there. He is there for you too dear friend. It can be well with your soul. Chin up, look toward The Father, and celebrate the gift of today!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.Romans 8:28NIV

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