What’s On Your Road?

Mark 1:1-3 John the Baptizer The good news of Jesus Christ—the Message!—begins here, following to the letter the scroll of the prophet Isaiah. Watch closely: I’m sending my preacher ahead of you; He’ll make the road smooth for you. Thunder in the desert! Prepare for God’s arrival! Make the road smooth and straight! John the Baptist gave a messageContinue reading “What’s On Your Road?”

Five Minute Friday–Represent

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Represent. Go… Mark 4:20 “But the seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams.” What is our inward significance? I think it’s the Word dwelling within. It is the art of God’s Truth woven into our soul andContinue reading “Five Minute Friday–Represent”

Don’t Spontaneously Throw Something Out!

The Stone 4-8 Welcome to the living Stone, the source of life. The workmen took one look and threw it out; God set it in the place of honor. Present yourselves as building stones for the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life, in which you’ll serve as holy priests offering Christ-approved lives up to God.Continue reading “Don’t Spontaneously Throw Something Out!”

What is Our Offering? To Whom?

2 Corinthians 8:1-4 The Message The Offering 8 1-4 Now, friends, I want to report on the surprising and generous ways in which God is working in the churches in Macedonia province. Fierce troubles came down on the people of those churches, pushing them to the very limit. The trial exposed their true colors: They were incrediblyContinue reading “What is Our Offering? To Whom?”

Rooted in Christ or Rooted in Sin?

Malachi 4:1 “Watch now,” the Lord Almighty declares, “the day of judgment is coming, burning like a furnace. The proud and wicked will be burned up like straw; like a tree, they will be consumed—roots and all. The word of the week for Five Minute Friday link-up is “ROOT.” Go! I added the word ROOTContinue reading “Rooted in Christ or Rooted in Sin?”