The Sun'll Come Up in the Morning

During high school I had a wise cross country and track coach. He had a very important sentence to guide any sort of disappointment we may have in ourselves, in our team, or in the outcome of a race: “The sun’ll come up in the morning.” He meant that tomorrow we could train again or race again. We were a small blip on the radar of the Lord. He controls the sunrise. That is far more glorious than any race of today.

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Today you too may face uncertainty about tomorrow. I’ve got some good news for you. Tomorrow the sun’ll come up! We are not in the end days. Although my sister in law did experience an earthquake and fear the locusts would be next…my son reminded us that the locusts did come recently in Africa. Perhaps this is the end. I doubt it. I think God has bigger things to do. I think this time is a season where we can depend on Him to shine the Light of the sun He created and the Light we shine as Believers. Will we shine?

Tomorrow and today we can. We can shine a light of love to others. We can be the Church. We can be a body that loves our own children, spouses, and friends well from a close proximity at our own homes and in the community at a distance. We can smile. We can share (toilet paper) etc. I know the sun’ll come up today. It is dawning now here in Florida.

Are you assured that the sun’ll come up in your neck of the woods too?

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Dear God, You are the Sun Maker. We are reminded that just as the sun rises day in and sets at the days end You are with us. Your Son too rose. He went dark. He came back into the light. We can be assured by Your love for us and share Your love with others. Help us to be a light today and tomorrow. Amen.

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3:24, ESV)


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Seeking balance in a world that moves fast. Slowing to see God's glimmers of grace that abound around us. Growing in the strength of a Good, Good, Father who loves us unconditionally. Sharing the gifts of the gospel through words and pictures.

5 thoughts on “The Sun'll Come Up in the Morning

  1. It only hurts when I smile…. (also with above comment from Budek:) but yes that’s the glory of knowing Christ. In the end it’s always the most precious. Thankyou for a lovely share.


  2. This is a great perspective. I’m grateful for the hope we have for tomorrow – that whatever we face God is still sovereign and he is with us!


  3. The sun, yeah, will come up tomorrow,
    so Little Orphan Annie sang,
    and that courage I will borrow
    on a day replete with fangs
    that surround and snap (oh, dear!)
    inches from my handsome face
    and make my soft and bouncy hair
    go somewhat, well, out of place.
    I’ll wait for sunrise in the faith
    that things won’t always be this awful,
    and that my good-morning grace
    will be a lovely stack of waffles;
    well now, look, oh, what the heck,
    I’ve gone and mixed “Annie” with “Shrek”!


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