Do Mayhem with Friends and Family

I’m late to this week’s “Five Minute Friday” blogging party.  This week was a whirlwind.  It was the last week of school for our kids, and it was a modified mess.  My husband and I still had work, and the kids still had school…BUT there was a lot of extra oddness about the week: class parties, game days, early release days, etc.

The oddness began with a Monday monsoon.  It crept in on us in the middle of swim team practice.  We live in Florida so this isn’t a surprise.  However, the last year has been very dry.  We have had little to no rain most weeks.  Then, on Monday night…BAM!   Lightning hit and the thunder roared, and God let down buckets of rain to scatter us parents, kids, and coaches to the protection of overhangs and vehicles.

I grabbed my son and a neighbor boy with our towels and headed to my car.  I texted G’s mom to get my older son and her kids to join me in my car poolside.  I parked close seeing the pending storm on the horizon.

I would drove her to her car across the high school (about 400 yards away) to the football lot.  I have two sons.  She has two sons and a daughter.  So two wet moms and five wet kids were a glorious mess.  We were soaked…her more than me.  I grabbed two kids more quickly because they were already OUT of the pool.  Then she came trudging through the muddy floods with the others about 5 minutes later.  I tried using a golf umbrella to meet her.  That was silly.

We piled C and T into the back of my car and took that short trip to her car without seat belts for a couple.  This was SO exciting for our kids because:

#1 It was raining hard.

#2 These rule driven mamas were totally breaking “the rules.”

#3 It was a Monday night!

If this isn't the best picture I've ever seen. #momofmayhem #mayhem #masschaos…:

What I learned this week: Do mayhem with family and friends!

The week ensued with no less drama.  Three of us moms in our neighborhood bailed on Wednesday’s swim practice even though the sun was shining.  It was just too much ya’ll.  The weeks can be hard.

We need to make time to visit with each other and the Lord.

We capped off our week with a six hour pool hop from house to house with many kids in tow.  Moms and dads teamed to let the crazy shenanigans of summer ensue.  The pool hop is a neighborhood tradition that we all love.  It is mayhem.  It is joy.

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I spend more time venting about my problems and bragging about my joys than sharing about my faith.  I’m a work in progress.  But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting with friends and family.  I’m thankful to have moments to visit mixed into these wild weeks.  We’re in this crazy world together.  Let’s take time to love one another.  Even if you are an introvert like me.

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I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

Acts 20:24 NIVUK

Dear God,

You are the Master of our mixed up Earthly home.

Forgive me for when I see chaos and you see purpose to the race we’re in.

Thank you for your presence and peace amidst wild weeks.

Give me a heart to see the good around me. 

Give me the eyes to see others. 

Give me the voice to speak of You.

And, help me to be quiet to listen and visit with you and others more purposefully.




Faith-Full Friends

Faithful friends are faith FULL friends.

My dearest friends of today are those who share a faith in me…a faith in God.

I have friends in many areas…past and present.

My best friend of childhood is still a phone call away…Sara.

My mom was pregnant with a friend in her Sunday school class back in 1978-1979…that baby girl is still my friend…Traci.

Friends from college were dear…but, honestly, I really do not talk to many of them anymore except via “Facebook.”  Oh, I guess there is one exception.  That girl that I met at freshman orientation…the one who roomed with me.  She and I now live about 20 minutes apart…sweet Megan…we still click. 

Friends from our newlywed city also sadly have faded into the past.  We do keep up via Facebook and at times a phone call or email, but when you move…they move on…you move on.

After six years of marriage we moved to the Midwest.  Our friends there are dear.  God placed us in a very special neighborhood there, and we have some beautiful family friends there that we still keep in touch with via Skype, and when they visit central Florida we are eager to meet them.  We pick up where we left off.

Two years ago we moved back to Florida.  We now have new neighbors, a new church, new jobs, and yes, new friends.

My strongest friends today are Andrea, Dana, and Laura.  Andrea is the mom of two year old triplets…need I say more…she has a wow factor and a super hero cape that is beyond unbelievable.  Yet, she finds time to love on me amidst all the love she pours out to her own family.  Dana, she and I have two kids each.  We went to the same university, and our husbands did too.  Our kids get along great (most of the time), and we so relish our weekly Friday play dates.  God placed our older sons in the same scout troop, soccer team, and class this year!  Laura, is my mommy mentor and writer friend.  She has two children as well…but they are a bit older than ours.  Her daughter babysits for us, and her son gives us toys and clothes!  Laura is writing a novel, and I cannot wait for it to hit the book stores!  She and I walk or do yoga together 1-2 times a week.

Friends…they are visible and sometimes invisible.  However, whether you connect via social media, in the neighborhood, through your kids’ activities, at work, etc…know that God places people before you…before me.  We have an opportunity to meet people daily.  Who are your friends?  Who may be your future friend?  God knows.  Listen to Him, look for Him, and feel His Spirit as you walk through this beautiful journey called life.

Smart words by which to live.

Found on Pinterest (above)

Proverbs 17:17

        A friend loves at all times, and a brother (sister) is born for a time of adversity.




Christ in Community

I am a part of many communities…

my family, my neighborhood, our church, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, “Hello Mornings”, “God Sized Dreamers” with Holley Gerth, etc…

One of the websites I find encouraging for Christian community is here:

This website provides devotionals, encouragement, and soon a meetup in areas around the globe!  In(RL)…in real life…at the end of April I will gather with other Christian women in my city to fellowship online and in person.  So cool!  If you are looking for Christian fellowship it is available.  Pray about it.  Look for it.  Or, perhaps God is calling you to start a group of your own…a Bible study, a blog, etc!

Image from (in)courage

Monday’s Magic

let us run the race

This scripture is on my desk top…a different image, but this one came in my email inbox from: (in)courage  They are an super inspirational webpage for women.  I like their emails in my inbox.  It is a blessing to share online encouragement with other women through social media.  I hope that each of you embark on a magical Monday.  I woke before dawn, and I chased the dawn with my friend as we ran about 3 miles at a quick pace talking the whole way.  It is amazing how nice it is to run with a friend.  The time goes quickly when you can share talk time with a friend.  My boys are still asleep, and the sun is just lightening the black sky to blue.  Another week begins, and we will be “running” through yet another day.  Enjoy the miles/minutes ahead of you as you spend your day wisely with others.