Mom’s Getting a Massage!

The week is drawing to a close.  Friday.  Ahhh…Friday.

As the mom of two boys ages 3 and 6 years…our life is filled with lots of play, hugs, tickling, cleaning, and eating.  I fall hard to the pillow each night.  My husband and I try to find time to rest daily.  Usually it’s just a simple curl up together and watch some tv or talk in the evenings.  Today, my rest is special…

I get to go get a massage!  My mom and dad live close to us, so they graciously baby sit our boys from time to time.  Today, our older son will head to school, and I will go in with him for a meeting with the guidance counselor (gifted testing results)…then off to Winter Park, my home town to mom and dad’s house.  Dad will be at work, but mom is off.  Moms need time off.

My mom will watch our younger son, and I will head to a massage via a long wait.  You see when a mom needs a massage she can rarely get one (okay…a quick one from her spouse or herself isn’t the same).  A dedicated time set aside…a whole hour…for relaxing…that is good.  So, two weeks ago when my neck was aching from a bad night’s sleep, I tried to get a massage that week with my gift certificate…the lady was booked.  Other people are stressed too!

So…today is my day.  Stress release on a table…quiet music…kneading the knots.  I will use it as my quiet time to rest, relax, and pray.  I love time to do that.  We need that.  Sometimes the Sabbath can be found on a Friday…

Genesis 2:2

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
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Firework Flowers

I have been admiring this flower with our children for weeks.  A group of broad leaf green plants was cut back a couple of months ago.  They were getting long and growing over the sidewalk at the front of our subdivision.  The yard men cut them back…boo.  I like wild things!  However, sometimes in cutting things back you get new growth.

Ta da….


A shoot of green grew out of the plant a few weeks ago, and day by day we have watched to see what it would become.  A “firework flower” bloomed!  That is what I named it.  I really do not know what it is.  I posted it to Facebook for friends to fill me in and posted it a plant nursery to see if they can tell me what it is so we can plant our own firework flowering plant in our yard!  Comment please if you know its real name!

Today, I encourage YOU to look for some glimmers of grace.  I took my camera to the bus stop.  Where do you go daily that you can see God winking at YOU?  Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts” prompts me to see God’s glory in every day places and count the gifts.

Patience Please

What do you really want more of in your life? Will you dare to say it out loud?

I really want more patience.  As Lightening McQueen would say, “Speed, I AM SPEED.”  I like things to happen quickly, at my pace, and in my timing.  God and my family don’t go with this break neck pace that I want or wish to set.

My boys were very slow to go to sleep last night.  I wanted to watch The Biggest Loser.  My husband was at a meeting, and with bed time flying solo I’m a sucker.  I’m not as tough as my husband or as patient.  He lays with the boys longer than I like to.  I spend all day with them…I’m ready for me time come 8 p.m.  Our boys begged to sleep together last night, and they were so cute, and so funny.  They were defiant “yes.”  However, I tried my best not to lose my cool and stay in control. 

Control ties in with patience.  Patience allows time to expire, things to happen in their own time.  I want to be in control of how the day and nights go.  I want a schedule…my schedule.  However, life is just not like that.  When you start your day daily with God’s Word is slows you (me) down.  I start gradually to see what God has in mind for my day.  I still like to go fast…

Spilled the milk when pouring too quickly for breakfast,

Dropped my husband’s suit coat to the floor when I was in a hurry to find a rain jacket for our 1st grader to get out the door for school on this rainy day,

Wondering why no one has responded eagerly to my requests to join in a Moms in Prayer fellowship group with me in the fall.  (This is my God Sized Dream)  It’s in the fall 2013…most people don’t plan ahead like I do!

So…today, I ask for more patience, and less speed.  I want to slow.  Taking in the glimmers of God’s grace, I feel peace.  What is your God-Sized Dream?  How will you get there?

Ecclesiastes 7:8

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.patience
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Roller Coasters Define Reality


(Click Photo for Source)

The Manta is a roller coaster at Sea World Orlando.  Yesterday, my husband and I left our boys with a babysitter and headed to Sea World for some adult fun time.  We wanted to ride the roller coasters, and our children are not tall enough to do so yet.  Plus our oldest son is afraid of heights.  We discussed that he most definitely would NOT like these rides.

There is a concert series ongoing for a few weeks with Bands, Brews, & BBQ.  We wanted to check that out also.  So after Sunday worship at church…we went to spend the Sabbath in a very different way.  We road the Manta first.  Loved it.  It makes you feel like you are flying.  It goes fast, upside down, and has remarkable exhibits to look at while you wait in line.  We were some of the older people in line (mid 30s isn’t old), but it was more of a teens and 20s crowd yesterday.  We held on tight, and we laughed the whole ride!  I didn’t expect that…it brought out laughter and joy! 

Joy comes through pushing through fear sometimes.  Life is like that.  I am equating roller coasters to the story of Job and so many others…even my own.  God gives us ups and downs in life, in our marriages, and in our faith journey.  Sometimes we feel afraid and down, but other times we are filled with laughter, joy, and blessings.  We are all on “the ride” of life.  Are you going to relax and go with it?  I found that when I had faith that we wouldn’t fall out of the roller coaster, I enjoyed the ride. 

God is holding onto us just like those harnesses.  We must trust him, and then we know he will remain with us through the ups and downs.  Check out the Chapter of Job some time.  I have found it’s a good story to re-read.  That man could have given up and crossed over to Satan, but he stayed with the Father.  As a person who struggled a few years back with severe depression and anxiety, I can relate to Job.  I felt like I was losing everything, but I never gave up on God.  I knew he was with me the whole time, and he has brought me out of the pit into the sunshine.  Blessings often come after storms.  Our marriage is stronger today than a few years back. 

My husband and I had a beautiful day of riding rides and sitting down to hear Josh Turner sing songs about love and the Lord.  It was remarkable to hear him sing songs, some of which I had never heard, and how true the lyrics rang out.  Sometimes it’s good to go fast, press thru (like on a roller coaster), however, at other times its best to sit down, eat some BBQ, and listen to songs that praise the Lord.  I hope you find your own forms of fun in your faith journey.

My favorite song of yesterday (new to me) was Find Me a Baby by Josh Turner.

Give it a listen/look.

Don’t Touch MY Stuff

Yesterday, I became what Lysa Terkeurst would title: “Unglued.”  I am reading her book now, and I had a very angry mom moment yesterday.  The kids needed a bath, and I had supervised the water running and bathing.  My husband was out cutting the lawn.  The boys (nearly 7 and 4 years old) wanted some play time, and they are both swimmers so we don’t hesitate giving them some privacy to play.  I darted off to the kitchen to clean up the flour mess in the kitchen.

We had just cut out rolled sugar cookies, a major feat because I’m really not a talented baker.  I had never attempted homemade sugar cookies before without another skilled baker’s help.  They turned out amazing, and I was feeling good about that.  The flour mess all over the kitchen table and flour…not such a big fan.

However, I was calm, collected, let the kids enjoy there flour baking mess.  I was ready to sponge down the table (took like seven goes).  Then swept the floor.  In about an hour we were having a House Party for Hot Wheels Spin Shotz so I thought it would be fun to have circle cookies for the kids to go with the circle spinners we’d be trying out.

Back to check on the kids…I’m shocked…in a matter of minutes they have two of MY newly purchased (quite expensive) bubble bath and massage oil in the bath tub.  They totally emptied them…playing away!  WOW!  I got angry.  I told them how upset and sad I was.  These were mine, expensive, chemicals, not to be touched etc.  But, they are kids.

After my tirade, today (and later yesterday) I realized that it wasn’t “eternally” significant.  I had left those things in reach…my bad.  No one got hurt, and bath stuff is replaceable.  My ever amazing husband created consequences: 1. When I accrue enough “treat” money from items typically purchased at the grocery store, then I can re-buy my bath items and the boys enter back into cookie, candy heaven.  2. Boys cannot use our master (big, fun, jetted bath) until he says so.  I’m hoping for a long term ban (months, years, forever!?)

Later yesterday, when we had that above mentioned Spin Shotz party…

Addison, our oldest, took his older boy friends back to his room to create their own track in private away from the little kids.  A few moms went with to watch, and I hung out with others in the main room helping the little preschoolers share and make their tracks.  When I went back to check the big boys, I was in awe…I caught the tail end of my son’s own “unglued” moment.  It wasn’t his first or last of the day.  You, see someone touched HIS stuff.

He got angry because he didn’t want the boys touching his Lego creations, and he reiterated that it was a “Spin Shotz party NOT a Lego party….”  And, so it goes.  Later, my youngest was whining and fussing about sharing his spinner.  It was HIS.

We don’t like to share.  However, God shares richly with us, and it really isn’t OUR stuff.  Everything we have is HIS.  Our tongues included.  I really like Terkeurst’s book “Unglued” because she talks about taming the tongue and our emotions.  One of her quotes appears here:

More importantly God calls us not to stay angry.  Apparently it is okay to be angry…Christ was angry at times, God most definitely has been angry.  However, according to His Word we must not sin in our anger…

Ephesians 4:25-27

New International Version (NIV)

25 Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. 26 “In your anger do not sin”[a]: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold.

We did not let the sun go down on our anger at house.  There are consequences for our actions, for our sin.  However, I always tell my children…”I love you and I forgive you.”  When we screw up…this is ultimately what we want and need to hear.

As adults we come to our Father with our sins, and He gives us grace.  As a work in progress, I hope I can be more grace giving and less angry with others.  We can speak “truthfully” without hurting others feelings.  We can be upset without being unrealistic.



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