A New Chapter

A new chapter begins as a I continue to seek God’s glimmers of grace that surround me…that surround us.  I thoroughly enjoy the early morning hours as this is my quiet time to think, pray, email, and blog.  The house is dark, my husband and children are asleep.  Our Christmas lights outside greeted me with a soft glow out the window.  Our Christmas tree is up, our decorations are in place.  It was precious last night to see our boys so excited about decorating the tree.  Bryan kept remarking, “this is my first Christmas decorating the tree!”  Addison was eager to unwrap each ornament and was in charge of putting metal hangers on those that needed them. 

Life is like that…we need Christ to hang on to the tree called “life.”  He connects us to the glory of the Father.  We should be excited about Christmas!  It is a very special time.  I’m thankful we have children to remind us of God’s glorious gift…his child.  Children truly are pure, simple, and little teachers.


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