When the Cross Is Falling Off the Wall

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!

How unsearchable his judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out!

Romans 11:33 NIVUK

Yesterday was a rough day.  The kids were grumpy, and the adults were too.  Nobody wanted to go to our usual Tuesday tasks.  The dog even barked and seemed agitated yesterday at the bus stop causing a bit of chaos and an early exit with me.  It was a hurried morning at the house.  The kids boarded the bus without me because of the naughty dog, and my husband had departed for work early.  I jumped in my car as well to do my morning commute across town to my part time job.  Sometimes we need the cross.

However, yesterday a decorative red tin cross literally fell off the wall as the morning unfolded.  We have been re-arranging wall decor at our house, or should I say I have been re-arranging.  Who am I kidding?  I live in a house of two boys and one sweet man… none of whom really care what is on the walls.

The walls in our master bathroom were recently painted as a part of a Honey Do that I know my sweet spouse knew I wanted done.  He did it this past Saturday morning on Mother’s Day weekend with my permission.  He also gifted me glorious flowers shipped in from Ecuador (secretly purchased from Costco)…hint hint if you need a gift.   And, he treated me to a beautiful Saturday evening and Sunday morning with my side of the family.  A busy but awesome weekend was followed by the not so pleasurable Monday morning mayhem.

After the cross fell off of the wall because it was poorly re-hung by me.  The queen of throwing up nails wherever I please realized this habit is not really a good thing.  I have many pictures yet to be hung.

When we hang up things haphazardly they will fall.  They will damage the stucco, create holes that need filling, and may just not look quite level.  In taking almost everything off of the walls in three rooms I have seen how much “decor stuff” we have.

It is all special to me, but some of it doesn’t really fit the spaces.  I like the bare walls.  “It kind of feels like we’re going to move,” my husband pointed out.  However, perhaps we need to “move” decor even if not our physical selves/home after five years here.  We like freshness and newness.  My friend Sarah W. often shares on social media that she craves newness too, and she actually does move her furniture/decor around often.  I have followed suit, and it is really fun and prompts me to enjoy spring cleaning.

_DSC5815 - Copy_DSC5816 - Copy_DSC5823_DSC5828

So, as I clean this year around the house I will rejoice even if the cross falls off of the wall.  I can re-hang it.  Likewise Christ can re-hang and rearrange our day to day happenings.  Things will fall apart, break, or need to be re-framed, but He can re-do our days into spaces of beauty only He can dream up for us.

Dear God,

Thank you for being a Re-creator.

Forgive me when I try to slap together beauty.

Only You know the true beauty that lies inside each of us.

Help me see that beauty around me and in my kids, husband, friends, etc.

I have a critical eye.  Change my eyes to be more grace filled.


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Empty Out the Fear of Brokenness

Even when it’s an unspoken broken, we’re all a holy mess.:
Photo Credit: Pinterest, The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp, Laurie McClure, FaithGatweay
Dear Lord,
Please forgive me for fighting back so hard.
I know that education is a passion for you and me.
We are being prepared each step of the way and each day.
Forgive me for having trouble accepting the brokenness and the feelings of being empty.
Fill me up with Your presence.  Fill me up with your hope!
Each week and each day teach us lessons.
“Suffering is a call for presence; it’s a call for us to be present-
not only to the brokenness in the world, but to the brokenness in our own soul,
and to risk trusting others with our wounds.” -The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp
I have always had a hard time with suffering.

I want things to go smoothly and happily.
Life isn’t like that.  It’s messy and hard.
I thank you for helping us cope with broken hearts, broken bodies, and broken dreams.
Jennifer K. Cook
p.s. To my readers,
Have a Good Friday.
We are blessed to be a blessing.
We are called to love.  Thank you for reading my post.
Give grace freely today and always.
I finished reading The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp this month.  It is a deep and powerful book.  I recommend it for those who want to dive deeper into their questions about broken spirits, minds, bodies, and hearts.  It is available in many places.  I have a copy also if a local friend wants to borrow it!
Here are a few places to find Ann’s newest book The Broken Way: