The Square Pill

Recently my medications changed. I now take a square pill. Yes, you read that right…a square. I have numerous pills and supplements that are oval or round and some are capsules and some are tablets. But, the newest anti-depressant that I take is square, and it works! Square. I feel square sometimes. I’m not likeContinue reading “The Square Pill”

The Cost of Mental Illness

The cost of mental illness? It’s a lot. It’s a lot for the individual, the family, the friends, and others. It’s a cost that is intangible. Image from: Harvard Business Review, AI’s Potential to Diagnose and Treat Mental Illness However, the cost of mental illness is tangible in bills from counselors, psychiatrists, and possibly hospitalContinue reading “The Cost of Mental Illness”

How to Help a Friend with Mental Illness or Save Anyone from Drowning in the Rough Waters of Life

Dear friends, Instead of worrying about the death of a famous woman (or man)… Sit on the curb with a friend who needs to vent or cry it out. Knock on the door or text the friend who hasn’t posted here (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or their blog) in awhile. Take dinner to a momContinue reading “How to Help a Friend with Mental Illness or Save Anyone from Drowning in the Rough Waters of Life”

When the Cross Is Falling Off the Wall

Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and His paths beyond tracing out! Romans 11:33 NIVUK Yesterday was a rough day.  The kids were grumpy, and the adults were too.  Nobody wanted to go to our usual Tuesday tasks.  The dog even barked and seemedContinue reading “When the Cross Is Falling Off the Wall”

Do Your Best

My parents growing up would tell my sister and me to “do your best.”  I have heard that so many times.  The Boy Scouts of America even uses it as a motto/slogan.  I like it, but I do not love it.  It has a very big expectation if your mind is very big in itsContinue reading “Do Your Best”

Stretch and Smile

I’m awake early again today.  The dog was barking at 1 something a.m.  My husband took care of that, but we were both awake.  I settled back to sleep.  He did not.  I heard him enter back into our bed about 4 a.m.  Now, I’m up and he’s back asleep.  Stretch and smile… I canContinue reading “Stretch and Smile”

Why Kicking Your Kids Out of the Garden of Eden Works!

My husband and I attended a John Rosemond seminar at our then church in an Atlanta suburb when our son was a toddler/infant.  I really don’t remember.  I just know we were new parents back in 2006/2007.  We were trying to learn all we could about parenting.  At least I was, and I convinced himContinue reading “Why Kicking Your Kids Out of the Garden of Eden Works!”