Let Them Be Little

I recently bought a sign last year that says: “Let them be little.”  It is a simple black and white wooden sign with scripted lettering.  I hung it by the computer in our toy room.  I often get frustrated with the messes upon messes.  Then, when I see the sign I realize that with the messes comes the chance to be carefree and child like.


Child like is a fun place to be.  It is not productive necessarily, but it is full of exploration, laughter, and seemingly silly tasks.  I was recently referred to as a “child magnet” by an adult girl friend.  I am a magnet for children.  I’m not sure why other than that God made me that way.  I like kids.  They intrigue me.  I feel comfortable around kids, perhaps more comfortable around children than adults.


We adults have a lot to learn about the Importance of Being Little.  I am reading a book by that title by Erika Christakis.   It is outstanding so far…even though I have only completed the preface.  What books are you reading right now?  I have several going.  I think that is child like.  Having an interest in many books.  I have fiction, non fiction, Christian living, and always a little Bible Gateway or Student Bible time in the mix of any given week.  I have a devotional that sits by my sink “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young which has quotes from the Bible put in everyday language.  Love it.

What do you love about books?

What do you love about little children?

Do you think it is important for us to allow kids to “be little?”  Do you think we have expectations that are realistic of kids and of ourselves.  God is in control of our whole big world and every human upon it.  That’s my belief at least.  If it is not yours that’s okay too.  We can agree to disagree.  I’m cool with that.


Will you join me in this new year in my journey to be a Mom in Prayer?  Will you take time to pray for our children, schools, teachers and staff?  It is an easy and a hard task to take on.  It is important.  The little people are important and cute, and we as moms need prayer to make it through the days with them!  We need to be praying for their safety, happiness, and their souls to grasp how much they are loved by us and by their Heavenly Father.

Dear God,

You are Our Creator.

You made us each as a baby, child, and on into our adult lives.

Forgive us when we lose patience with the littles or expect them to be big.

We are your servants, we are all teachers, and we are all called to love one another.

Give us strength for today.  Give us fun for today.  Give us the joy and pep in our step that we had as children.  Help us find the energy and enthusiasm that children possess.  Let us be little today.



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Who Has Control of Your Life?

Who has control of your life?  That is a question I asked our children in November when election stuff was brewing strong.  We have ten and seven year old sons.  They were somewhat interested in the elections, had seen ads, had heard names, and had chosen who they wanted for POTUS.

I was on the fence.  I did not know who to vote for…honest to God I was really bouncing between candidates and then I realized: “Who has control of my life?”  A profound question had many answers in my head….


My husband.

My parents.

My family.

My friends.

My boss.


Ultimately we are in control of our own lives. 

It really is not the president/ruler of your country.  It is YOU.   We decide what to do each day.  We decide to chose love.  We decide to be fearless or fearful.  We have many authorities to obey, but ultimately each day it is ME who decides how to behave, how to live, and how to love.

Dear God,

You are the King.

Forgive me when I forget that you rule with love, fairness, justice, and goodness.

Please reign in my heart.  Please reign in my husband.  Please reign in our sons.

Your Spirit is big time awesome.  Your Spirit is our souls.  Your Spirit explodes and slowly oozes out of us.  May I be a vessel for your love and light.


Better to be patient than powerful; better to have self-control than to conquer a city. Proverbs 16:32 <3:

Proverbs 16:32The Message (MSG)

32 Moderation is better than muscle,
    self-control better than political power.

p.s. Be patient.  Use self control, and be content today.  Love one another.