Is it a Want or a Need?

Matthew 6:19

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth where they can erode away or may be stolen.

My grandpa Hank would say “Do you want it? Or, do you need it?” in descibing discernment about purchases. I try to use that wisdom. I don’t always though. Our sermon yesterday in church touched on consumerism. We want more and more “STUFF.” Why? What legacy will it leave?

I’m trying to budget better now that I’m working more I have more income, but it is tempting to spend more right along with that cash flow in comes cash flow out. I went to the bank with my husband so I could take out cash. Cash helps me budget better, and when it’s gone it’s gone.

This is more difficult with online shopping. A quick click here and there and your debit/credit card has a transaction and something is coming to your doorstep soon! YAY!


Do you struggle with storing treasure here on earth?

I sure do!

Dear God,

You are our true Treasure. Forgive us when we crave more stuff versus more of You and Your will for what we need to accrue. Give me wisdom as I shop. Give me a frugal mindset so that I can give more too. Amen.

Published by graceglimmers

Seeking balance in a world that moves fast. Slowing to see God's glimmers of grace that abound around us. Growing in the strength of a Good, Good, Father who loves us unconditionally. Sharing the gifts of the gospel through words and pictures.

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