Bleary Eyes, Weary Heart, and Yet Pressing On

5. Early morning writing time.

6. Bleary eyes that still see.

7. Weary hear that presses on.

8. Bowlful of medicine

9. Tray full of supplements.

10. Money in the bank.

Today I continue to count 1000 gifts. This will take awhile. Do you count your blessings or have a gratitude journal? It seems to be a trending topic. I’d like to catalog my gifts here on the blog. It is a space to record my feelings too.

Dear God,

You are the Gift Giver.

Forgive me when I forget my gifts or don’t acknowledge them.

Give me eyes to see.

Thank you for my many blessings.


Published by jenniferkcook

I'm a Floridian who loves to be out in the sun daily. When I'm not in the sun...I'm writing, doing household stuff, playing with our kids, and reading. I also enjoy walking our dog and yoga. I'm a stay at home mom who is thankful to be able to slow down at times when life seems like a roller

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