For a Tree There is Always Hope

The Old Juniper Tree by Meredith Nemirov - Large (Giclee Print)

For a tree there is always hope. Chop it down and it still has a chance— its roots can put out fresh sprouts. Even if its roots are old and gnarled, its stump long dormant, At the first whiff of water it comes to life, buds and grows like a sapling.

Job 14, The Message Bible

This verse reminds me that when I’m in tree pose in yoga, I am displaying hope.

The hope that I don’t fall over.

The hope that my gaze remains steady.

The hope that no one is watching me in class.

I am my own tree. I am firmly rooted to the ground.

For a tree there is always hope.

Like a tree, we too can get chopped down by others or ourselves.

Yet, fresh sprouts can bud from a stalk.

We need sunlight and water.

We grow when the Holy Spirit offers our souls water.

The sunlight by God, our Creator, shines on us.

For a tree there is always hope.

Living the Craft Life: 10 ways to decorate (hide) a tree stump in your yard

Tree pose is one of the top 10 yoga poses I highly recommend for everyone to do daily. When ever I have no time to work out I always make sure to do these yoga poses because they wake up my body helping me feel great!  #yogaposes #yogaforbeginners #yogaeveryday #groundedpanda

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