Wonder Woman–Can I Fill the Role?

Wonder Woman–Can I fill the role?  Can You?  She looks great no doubt.

The Wonder Woman that springs to mind when you first read the title of this post and see this artist’s rendition—the fictional dark haired comic book character or movie heroine.  She appears curvy, strong, and determined.  She acts spirited and successful.

I can fill that dynamite womanly role to some extent, but I am not going to be movie worthy.  I could maybe star in a comic book for comedy??  My supporting cast of two boys, a husband, a dog, and a cat may prove intriguing.

However, I believe you’d call me a normal woman.  I am a normal wife and mother.

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I can do extraordinary things, but it is only by God’s strength in me—not my own.  I am a woman who was changed by the love of Christ.  I was born as a daughter of The King.  I accepted Christ into my heart at a middle school youth weekend retreat.  God cast me into a special role that only I can fill.  He knows my days.  He knows my heart.  He knows my family, and he knows my future.

I cannot be Wonder Woman, but I can be me.  Will you join me in giving up on the ideal of being a Wonder Woman and instead accept that we are just exactly who God deemed us to be.  Look in the mirror, and smile at yourself.  Love you.  Love me.


Dear God,

You are the author and illustrator of our lives.  Forgive me when I try to be what the world asks of me versus what you have predestined.  Give me the patience to look and listen for You.  Thank You for today.  Thank you for making me a woman.  Amen.

Linking with Five Minute Fridays–today’s word: Woman.

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman–Can I Fill the Role?

  1. Beautiful Jennifer! I think we as women feel we need to fill that role of “Wonder Woman” so we don’t let anyone down. It is exhausting and so not necessary! Being exactly who God planned us to be is simply WONDERful! Thanks for sharing, Cindy


  2. Yes, being exactly who God created me to be. I’m in the 31 spot this week.


  3. The Lord has me in a time of really grasping what it means to be loved by Him. Your post is an encouragement to me in this journey that He has me on. Thank you so much.


  4. I love this reminder that we can do extraordinary things, but only in God’s strength, not on our own. It takes the pressure off a bit to remember that!


  5. I love this. I think I exhaled as I read. I try to be Wonder Woman a lot, to do it all, but it just doesn’t work.


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