I think I may have OCD!

I wrote this in November 2016, but it still holds true.
I think I have a touch of OCD, and it is okay.
We all have “something”, and we’re all “special*.”

Jennifer K Cook

I think I may have OCD. I’m not sure though. I have a definite diagnosis of anxiety and depression. But, in talking with and observing friends this past week, as well as introspection, I saw similarities and big differences between myself and others.

I especially identify with my dear friend with 3 boys who like me is a high achieving spinning top of a lady! You kind of have to be energetic to make it with boys (and husbands). She is struggling. I was trying to offer ideas of things that have helped me.

My husband and her husband are both in IT. Our boys are similar in age. We both have messy houses but desire cleanliness. We both struggle to make time to sleep and eat. We worry. We want to perfect things but aren’t quite sure how to. Motherhood is mayhem.

Mayhem is not good for OCD people…

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