Backwards and Forwards

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.


Dear Bryan,

Tomorrow is your 8th birthday.  I’m often thinking of your life backwards and forwards.  You are an interesting child, and I have no doubt you will be an amazing original adult.

As an original you have never ceased to surprise your father and me.  We see you as a little fierce one.  When you were born you came three weeks early.  You were tiny, six lbs and some change.  You were and still are smaller framed than your older brother.  BUT, you are fierce.

Your fierce and fiery spirit make you athletic, eager, and artistic.  You are changing with the minute.  Your energy level is boundless once you have had time to wake up.  You are a night owl like your daddy.  You rise slower in the morning but burn brightly as the day unfolds.  You are socially slower than some, but once you feel comfortable and confident you are a force that creates waves.

Your waves have always been strong.  You learned to walk chasing a basketball on the pool deck in our Kansas neighborhood, you swam earlier than you brother at under three years of age on your own, and you learned to ride a bike when you were 4.  Now, you can do a standing flip from the side of the pool with no formal gymnastics or diving training.  Your athleticism and artistic out of the box thinking make you really good at jumping ramps on your bike and skateboarding too.  Your eight year old self is pretty cool.

We love you.  We look forward to watching you continue to grow up.  Keep loving pink no matter what others say.  Your future awaits…press play.




Photo by: L Marcus, May 2017



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