Kindergarten and Oceans of Time

Our boys now, in 2017, finished second and fifth grade. We are excited about middle school, and we are thankful for a summer break. I continue to realize the beauty in each stage of parenthood and childhood. God continues to shine more than I imagined possible.


Today, I will take our youngest to register for kindergarten at our local elementary school.  He will join his big brother, neighbors, and his fellow friends from preschool and soccer.  It will be a good thing.  The journey of milestones continues.

Do you remember when you started kindergarten?  Your children?  Your grand children?  Life seems to fly by in a blink at times.  I do remember my kindergarten years.  I was an introvert like our son Bryan, but super patient and encouraging teachers year after year brought me out of my shell and into a confident young lady ready for college and adult life.  I am here now.  I am the mother.

Motherhood is filled with surprises.  Some moms cry when their kids go to Kindergarten.  Not me.  I rejoice!  I am thankful we have brought our boys this far, and I am confident that God will lead them with…

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