75…What is in That Number?

This past week my father in law turned 75.  He is a man of interest.  His favorite show is Person of Interest.  I’d say HE is a person of interest.  Here’s 75 facts/truths about him and his name…

  1. Dan Cook was born 1942.
  2. His full name is Daniel Addison Cook, Jr.
  3. He is one of many people by that name.
  4. In fact in family research we discovered that our son is the 10th Daniel Addison Cook.
  5. The family roots extend to England.
  6. There was a break in the chain of Daniels for a young chap named “Oliver” who died young.  His son brought back the name Daniel Addison Cook.
  7. Traditionally the dad would go by Daniel/Addison and the son the opposite in a household.
  8. My mother in law didn’t like the name Addison so she insisted my husband be called Daniel as a child and her husband became known as Dan.
  9. We named our son Daniel Addison Cook in 2006.  We call him “Addison.”
  10. Addison means Son of Adam.
  11. Dan Cook has lived in a few different states.
  12. He worked for IBM for many years, and his family jokes that it is “I’ve Been Moved.”
  13. He married Susan and had four children: 3 girls and 1 boy.
  14. They raised their children in Ohio, South Florida, and North Carolina.
  15. Dan Cook has one brother, Myron Cook.
  16. Dan’s parents divorced when he and his brother were young.
  17. Dan served in the Vietnam War and is a proud veteran of the US Air Force.
  18. Dan is a two time lung cancer survivor.
  19. He greets many people when asked, “how are you?” with “Thankful to be here.”
  20. He is very involved in his local church.
  21. He has gone white water rafting numerous times with his brother, Captain Myron Cook, down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
  22. He has worked in computers for IBM and a county school board.  He draws 2 retirements.
  23. He lives frugally and gives a lot of money away to his children and others.
  24. He proudly owns an MG.
  25. He once owned a Corvette.
  26. He has driven many big sedans and now a little Honda Civic.
  27. He is a member of ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out)
  28. He maintains his own pool and enjoys warm water.
  29. He loves the color orange.
  30. He does not like cold weather.  His kids buy him warm weather gear as needed.
  31. He and his wife raised 4 independent and successful children.
  32. He did get a divorce when the kids all were out of the house to college, but he has tried his hand at the dating scene.
  33. He travels often on airplanes to see his kids and grandchildren.
  34. He has 10 grandchildren.
  35. He is a friend to many.
  36. He likes to gather with other retired IBMers.
  37. He loves salty foods.
  38. He likes his steak “Pittsburgh Rare.”
  39. He does not like bananas.
  40. He calls himself a “Recovering Type A”
  41. He likes grandfather clocks and coo-coo clocks.
  42. He enjoyed family history.
  43. He has many antiques and family heirlooms.
  44. He owns his home.
  45. He gives crisp cash for birthday and Christmas gifts.
  46. He believes in and gives “Scholarships” when family/friends need help on a worthwhile cause.
  47. He likes bike riding.
  48. He likes Teva shoes thanks to Myron and me.
  49. He is patriotic.
  50. He helped his mom in her later years, and she lived to be 100 years old.
  51. He had a heart valve replaced in summer 2016.
  52. He recovers well from big medical stuff because he is a good patient/rule follower.
  53. He was borderline diabetic but corrected that without insulin by changing his diet.
  54. He likes Walmart.
  55. He loves Ribeye Steak.
  56. He like beer or Pinot Grigio on occasion.
  57. He likes the beach but only for a short while.
  58. He likes Rye Bread.
  59. He likes to drive to North Carolina to see his daughter.
  60. He flies often to see his other two daughters.
  61. He likes to play Minesweeper on the computer.
  62. He has an old flip phone and is reluctant to try a smart phone/text.
  63. He likes coffee weak and black.
  64. He has a favorite coffee mug that is stainless steel.
  65. He was a chaperone to the Honor Flight with a WWII vet to Washington DC.
  66. He does his own taxes…slowly.
  67. He loves family photos.
  68. His favorite TV show is Person of Interest.
  69. He still uses fine china and sterling silver flat ware.
  70. He likes to read, but he likes to read slowly.
  71. He does not like to wear sunscreen.
  72. He likes living in Florida.
  73. He loves his family very much.
  74. He loves his friends well too.
  75. He is has a kind heart and will always chat with anyone.






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Happy 75th Birthday to those who know you as dad, Daniel, Dan, or Grandpa Dan.

Maybe one day they will research your genes.  Until then…we will enjoy spending time with you.  Cheers!


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1 thought on “75…What is in That Number?

  1. Reblogged this on graceglimmers and commented:

    He turns 76 years old this week. We have already done a day at Epcot this past Monday with him, and we will see him today/tonight for some Grandpa/Dad time at his home. Also a trip to Melbourne Beach since it is our kids’ spring break. Happy Birthday Dan! You are a great father in law, Jennifer K.


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