Forever Friends

“When no one else seems to understand you, simply draw closer to Me.  Rejoice in the One who understands you completely and loves you perfectly.  As I fill you with My Love, you become a reservoir of love, overflowing into the lives of other people.”

Joshua 1:5 from Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling, March 17 Devotional Flip Calendar, given to me by my friend Dana.


Friends come and go.  Jesus is our forever friend.  That is comforting.

I grew up knowing Jesus from an early age.  I had a stellar childhood.  I was raised in a Methodist church brimming with children and families.  We had good Sunday School classes, a minister who spoke very well and was easy to understand Rev. Price, and a youth group filled with friends and mentors.  Many of those people are still my Facebook friends today.

traci  march 2012 005

Today, friendships look different.  As an adult I feel that I have many categories of friends: work friends, neighborhood friends, church friends, old friends, yoga friends, running friends, mom friends, blogging friends etc.  I love them all.  It is different then when I was a child though.  As an introvert, I liked a few close friends in my younger years.

Now as a forced extrovert from moving, adapting, and maturing alongside my very extroverted husband…

We have lots of friends here in Central Florida, metro Atlanta, and Kansas City.  We have some old some new friends.  Our forever friends seem to be those we stay in touch with despite time and distance.  Some of our friends have even moved out of the country!  I’m thankful God placed certain friends in our life path that can enter in and out in beautiful ways.

Bryan & Turner 2015_08_06 003

Dear God,

You are our friend.  Forgive me when I forget that.  Help me carve out time to spend with you daily.  Thank you for placing good friends in our lives.  Help my children and husband to also find friends that are kind, joyful, and patient with us. 




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4 thoughts on “Forever Friends

  1. Awesome Jenn. I also, in high school, was a member of my local Methodist Church. Youth group was a blast. Great Sunday school and great messages delivered. They were who helped me get through a lot of teenage angst and trials. I only keep in touch with one of my high school friends that also was a member of the same church. And as for categories of friends, that’s definitely a thing, today! Haha. Great post. You can see mine on wordpress.


  2. I’m at a stage in my life (and have been for 7+ years) where I don’t really have any close friends. As an introvert, though, it’s not easy to cultivate those relationships. I remain hopeful. 🙂 (a fellow 5 Minute Friday participant)


  3. God is indeed a friend we can count on. I’m an introvert but often have to fake extrovert. So I so hear you there.


  4. I had one best friend the whole time I was growing up and I loved the security of that while other friendships came and went. I love that some friendships endure despite us moving far apart, but it is reassuring to remember that even when that doesn’t work out, God is the friend we can depend on who is always there.


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