Jubilation in July, A God Sized Dream Praise Report

Nearly four years later I found this post…
A God Size Dream can be little or big. It is yours. It is between you and God. The Moms in Prayer I had envisioned would have had at least 5-10 moms meeting. That never happened. The most we have ever had is 4 and usually we only have 2-3 women praying. But, that is okay. God size dreams can unfold very different than what we expect. Thank you to Dana, Leah, and those other women who have followed on the Facebook page. We can pray everyday. We can dream everyday. Baby steps continue. I think I’ll go shower now….
Jennifer K. Cook


Jubilation in July.

Christmas in July.

Jesus comes into us every day. Every month. Every Year.

Sonya inspired me to write this post today.  She is a fellow God Sized Dreamer.  We are women who are following the calls of our hearts…led by the Lord.  In 2013 several women were chosen to read and respond to You Were Made for a God Sized Dream by Holley Gerth. 

My God Sized Dream for 2013 is to start a Moms in Prayer group for our community.  So I have been praying about this.  I have been taking baby steps to talk with other moms about this idea.  Here are the praises to share in a snap shot:

1. My husband has been a patient listener and encourager as I often worry about details and drama.

2. I have met some moms who are interested in coming alongside me to pray for their…

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