Typing for Kids? Why?


This is a neat way to be able to look at the keyboard in terms of columns.

Diagonal columns are color coded to match fingers on left and right hands.

This is a simple graphic that you can use to show kids how you type on a computer keyboard.

I have many parents ask me at what age to put their kid at a keyboard/mouse/PC.  I say the sooner the better.  I had both of our boys in my lap as toddlers.  They quickly learned how to navigate websites with a mouse.  The preschool and Kindergarten classrooms in the United States have computers.  They are not always touch screen iPads/Android tablets.  It is much better for the kids to spend some time in your lap learning to use a REAL computer, typing, mouse, etc.

Don’t get me wrong we have tablets too for our kids.  But, I strongly believe in them learning to like keyboards/laptops/PCs because they still exist everywhere.  The schools use them for testing, teaching, etc.  Have your kid ready to go.  It isn’t just about learning your letters and having them write their names.  They need to type and use a mouse well too.

Welcome to the age of technology.  Have you heard of STEM?  It is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math…it is the new wave of curriculum.  It is the the new wave of hot topic teaching.  Hop onto the train…it is pulling out of the station with or without you.




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