Slow Down People!

But Jacob said, “My master can see that the children are frail. And the flocks and herds are nursing, making for slow going. If I push them too hard, even for a day, I’d lose them all. So, master, you go on ahead of your servant, while I take it easy at the pace of my flocks and children. I’ll catch up with you in Seir.”
I love this passage related to the word slow.  Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: SLOW.  In Genesis and today there was and is movement.  People are busy.
But, Jacob took time to be with the baby animals who make for slow going.  He was still going to Seir (wherever that is), but he was intentionally moving slowly.  I need this same reminder to slow down for my kids to get ready in the mornings, slow down so the puppy will follow me out to go potty, and slow down to listen to my husband without worrying about the next thing I feel I need to do.
We have lists of to dos.  Social media beckons.  Emails, phone calls, books, work, play, exercise, cooking, etc. give us plenty to keep us busy.  Not a lot of our culture encourages us to slow down and take care of others.
Will you join me and slow down today? 
I type fast.  What’s the rush?  Do the words have to be many to be impacting?  No.  Perhaps we need to be quiet to truly slow.
When we are quiet, we can hear the needs of others. 
We can hear the stillness that bring the hum of a computer, the chirping of birds, the chatter of children.  I’m not a caretaker of flocks or herds, but I am a mom who pushes her little ones too hard some days.  I lose them to worry, fear, anxiety, and pressure when I rush.  I know there are deadlines and bus stop arrivals and departure times, but today I will try to allow myself and those around me to slow. 
Dear God,
You are the Governor of Time.
You make the planets rotate in orbits.
Help me to slow down my spinning wheels of busyness to trade them for time.
I want to be present with my children, my husband, my friends, my family, my pets and any stranger you see fit to put into my path.

5 thoughts on “Slow Down People!

  1. Wow, what a great scripture text to go with this prompt word! I love this post. Indeed! Let’s work busily on slowing down for the well-being of all, especially those little ones, the nursing, the puppies, and the fraii–and our own as well. So glad to be your neighbor today at FMF.


  2. Sylvia, Good morning friend! Thank you for stopping by to read, comment, and affirm the direction I took on this. I used Biblegateway to search for slow in The Message version of the Bible and this was the first verse that came up. It was an obscure one to me, but I loved it! Have a fun Friday! Love, Jenn


  3. Yes! When we slow down we “hear the needs of others.” Thank you for this reminder! All too often those needs are unspoken and we have to go slowly and observe and build relationships before we can understand those needs.


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