Stretch and Smile

I’m awake early again today.  The dog was barking at 1 something a.m.  My husband took care of that, but we were both awake.  I settled back to sleep.  He did not.  I heard him enter back into our bed about 4 a.m.  Now, I’m up and he’s back asleep.  Stretch and smile…

I can stretch and smile and greet the day knowing that I have a cup of warm tea and honey by my side.  I have a fantastic job to go to later on, and soon our two boys will wake and create some sounds in this house that are always interesting.  The boys stretch me a bit.  They can make us nutty with their procrastination to get ready for school.  They get sucked into their tablets and PC just as we adults do.  They eventually succumb to the nagging reminders from my husband and me.  They don clothes, shoes, and hopefully deodorant for our ten year old!

Smile and stretch.  Time to pack lunches, make breakfast, and shower, dress, for the day.  We adults do a lot in a day.  We have many things that stretch us.  We have home and work responsibilities, but we have a mighty hand guiding us along the day.  The Lord has his great big hands around the whole world…you and me included!  I loved that song as a kid…”He’s got the whole world in His hands…”


It seems impossible.  But, it seems reassuring.  I like think that God is stretching and smiling each and every day and night to ensure that His beautiful world and all of us on it are important to him.  He wants us to be strong.  He wants us to love big.  And, he wants us to stretch and smile because this is the day He made for us.  It may hold good and bad moments.  However, if we greet the day with a smile we are framing our mind for a good day.  Our smile helps us and others.

Dear God,

You are so BIG!

Forgive me when I think of you as small or somewhere far off.

Let me stretch my hands and heart to You today.

Help me feel your strong hands pushing and pulling me and my family through today.

May we stretch and smile.  May we show love.  May we also show grace.


Moses left Pharaoh and the city and stretched out his arms to God. The thunder and hail stopped; the storm cleared.
Look at him; give him your warmest smile. Never hide your feelings from him.


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