We Live in the Middle of Messes

I think messes is a word.  If not, I’m making it one.  Because we live in the middle of messes here at this house.  How about you?

I like messes, but I also like clean and organized.  I don’t like to clean, but I do like to organize.  I like to throw things away or give them on to someone else who would use it more than me/my kids/my husband.  My middle of messes makes me content at times and at other times it stresses me.


Our messes are part of living in a busy, crazy, rushed, and too much stuff world.  I have a mess of paperwork for school stuff from the kids, my own mail, our family mail, and cards/letters from Christmas that have yet to be mailed or given.

Given that we have messes it may be time for some spring cleaning.  Yes, I said spring. In Florida we really don’t have winter.  We have three seasons.  We are in the middle one…spring.  We skip right over winter here folks.  That is why I love the sunshine state!

We are in the middle of the sunshine state, and I’m thankful to be in the middle of the mess of Interstate 4 construction; it means we are getting new and hopefully safer roads.  I’m thankful to be in the middle of the mess of tourism.  It makes me grateful for things to do with our family and friends who visit.  I’m thankful to be int he middle of the mess of urban sprawl.  I grew up in central Florida.  I’m a true Floridian and I can think of no other place I would want to call home.  It is a mess here, but it is a holy mess.


Dear God,

Thank you for making sense out of our messes.

Forgive us when we see the mess and not the blessing behind the mess.

Give us hope to see that each mess has room for appreciation, change, and growth.

Help us to live a life that is messy but blessed by a faith filled in the middle of our hearts with You, Lord.


Photo Credit: Muse in the Valley

I have a similar message framed from Pinterest to remind me that messes are okay.  AND to remind those that visit my house that messes are okay.  I encourage you to post something to remind you that messes are totally fine and a part of everyday living.  Please join me over at Five Minute Fridays: katemotaung if you wish to read more posts like these.  Also, please leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by!  May you have a gloriously messy day!


5 thoughts on “We Live in the Middle of Messes

  1. I appreciate this! I feel the same way at times when I’m in the middle of messes-content at times, stressed out at other times! There is a saying, “There’s a message in the mess.” May His abundant grace be yours through it all!


  2. Hi Jennifer, there was a time when mess bothered me very little and I just let the kids have a go at it and play and be free. But now, I’ve changed quite a bit. I have to get back to those laid back messy days and learn to be rested and at peace!


  3. Jenn, for me a little mess is ok but then there’s a limit when I start to lose it. Argghhh! I’m learning to sometimes just let things simply be. Boy, do I have a long way to go! 🙂
    Marva | SunSparkleShine


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