Impromptu Snack Spread

When you remember that your son’s scout den is coming over in t-minus one hour you think…what are we going to have for snack?  The meeting is right over dinner time.  So, I not only need to prepare a quick dinner for us but also snacks for those who haven’t had a chance to eat yet.  Easy?!?

My friend in Georgia taught me long ago that you can have “must go” nights.  What the what?  “Must go.”  You clean out your fridge/pantry and make whatever you can out of whatever “must go.”  I love this!


So…for our impromptu snack spread I heated up my tea kettle with hot water for hot chocolate.  Grabbed three bowls out of my kitchen island.  Added in half a pack of frozen mini marshmallows, packets of various hot chocolates from half finished boxes, cinnamon baking chips by Hershey’s that kind of taste like Altoids (so strong…so good), and two handfuls of Christmas clearance candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups because they are good.  It doesn’t matter what color foil they are wrapped in!  They will disappear.

Oh and wrapped in this chocolate festival I poured out goldfish crackers that were going “stale” per our seven year old.  They were nearly gone by the end of our meeting.  The hot chocolate was a hit.

One dad took me up on the Keurig coffee for one.  Most adults brought their own drinks.  Oh, and the impromptu dinner quick…that half happened.  I sliced the kind of old “fresh” pineapple, heated up Alexa frozen french fries, and asked my husband to quickly fire up the grill for pork ribs.  We raced to tidy the house and set the table.  We sat to eat when “knock knock” the guests arrived.  We put our dinner in the microwave and on the bar.  We shared a few french fries with those who were hungry for dinner like us, and the night was a booming success.

I mean that.  Booming.  A gathering of ten 10 year old boys, their siblings, and their parents is loud folks.  Especially when your house has tile floors, the noise magnifies.


Our floors were not clean.  I hate to mop.  Christmas was not totally packed away.  But, do we really want to pack up Christmas?  Christ needs to be present every day and every night in our house.   What do we do when people need or want to come over?  We serve them.  That’s what Jesus did.  That’s what we’ll do.  That’s what feels good.


I hope you have an impromptu snack spread or a “must go” dinner night soon at your place.  When we open our hands and give food we are actually giving a piece of ourselves and Christ away.  That is a gift.  That is love on the move.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.




3 thoughts on “Impromptu Snack Spread

  1. Love this! “When we open our hands and give food we are actually giving a piece of ourselves and Christ away. That is a gift. That is love on the move.” So true!

    Thanks for sharing at The Loft!


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