My 2016 Bookshelf

My bookshelf isn’t a shelf.  My books lie scattered in two bathrooms, in my purse, or on a coffee table.  I like to read, but I rarely have the chance to settle into a book for more than a few minutes.  As a part time speech therapist and full time wife/mommy I do squeeze in books though.  Books are awesome!

Below is a list of my 2016 books that I read or read with our sons.  There are some good ones!  If you like to shop on Amazon just click on the book covers to go check them out for more information/purchase. Linking up with other writers at Five Minute Fridays today:

What books did you read this year?   Please comment and share with me so I know what books to look for in 2017!  Psst…I’m on Good Reads also.  Are you?

Dear God,

You are the Author and Perfecter of our faith.  

Thank you for bringing writers into spaces and places to write.

Forgive me for not appreciating books enough to carve out more time for them.

Give me grace as I seek to read The Bible and other books more in 2017.


This is a book written to encourage you in your faith, in your care for your soul, and in life.  I loved it.  I loved it so much that I gave away my copy.  I like to give books that mean something to me onto someone else that I think will appreciate it as well.  Dolly M. Lee is a beautiful soul who writes with a mature voice that warrants you taking time to read this one over MORE than 7 days.  I had to read this slowly to process the truth and Truth of God shared inside.

Eyes Unveiled is written by an author who writes fiction.  Her books are easy to read and enthralling.  They are the kind you want to curl up on the couch with or lay in a hammock or sit in an outdoor place in the sun to read and get lost in a story.  I like ALL of Crystal Walton’s books very much.  She writes many series and continues to write more.

Breathing Eden was a book recommended on Lisa Jo Baker’s blog.  Lisa Jo is an author I like as well, but Jennifer J. Camp has caught my attention with this book.  It jumped out at me as a must read.  I ordered it, and I am in progress with it.  I’m nearly done, and I LOVE it!

I look forward to passing it on to other mom friends.  Or, I may keep it as a platform for writing topics.  It is written in a format of people sharing their stories with God and Him answering back.  It is factual fiction if you will.  It is a cool slant on faith, and it has me identify better with God and others.  It has lots of good reflective questions so can be used a devotional book, Bible study, or journal.

Judy Blume was and still is one of my favorite authors.  I read her adult fiction book in 2015, but re-read a few of the Fudge series books aloud to our seven year old son.  He likes to be read to more than to read aloud.  He is in second grade.  He and I thought these books were funny.  Classics are cool.  I didn’t buy these on Amazon, but you can.  I checked ours out via the online application for my iPad that links to our local library for ebooks.  Ask you local librarian how to do this.  Or, go old school and walk into the library and check out the tangible book!

The Skippyjon Jones books have long been a family favorite for us.  Judy Schachner is a creative writer of fiction for kids/families.  She writes about a cat who thinks he is a Chihauhau.  I love the fantasy and silly antics and songs that Skippyjon Jones reveals.  The series of her books are great.  This one has a winter theme, and I read it aloud to our seven year old and used it in my December speech therapy sessions with clients.  It has a lot of big multisyllable words so it makes for good practice for children with developmental apraxia of speech.  Side note: we got a chihauhau for Christmas as a family gift.  His name is Link, and he kind of thinks he’s a cat.  We have a cat who doesn’t like the dog, but our dog loves the cat.  Go figure.

We read the Harry Potter books aloud to our ten year old son.  AND, we watched all the movies as a family on DVD during summer 2016.  The themes are magical, mysterious, and magnificent.  My husband and I read the books BC (Before Children).  Now, it is fun to start letting our boys hear the stories and see the movies.  For us our boys are just now ready at ages 7 and 10 years to hear the J.K. Rowling series.  Our seven year old was scared by some parts of the movies so he and I would leave the room at times for other 1 on 1 time.  Each kid and parent is different on the level of magic and violence they allow for their family.  We leave that choice up to you.  Most of the movies are PG-PG13 but series does get darker as it progresses.  We own the hardbacks but the icon above is for a best selling paperback set.  Or, again go the library/borrow from a friend who likely has them.  Side note: we live in the Orlando area and have NOT seen the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.  We prefer to keep it in our imagination.

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp is on my coffee table now.  I’m only part way through, but it is another treasure worthy of taking in slowly.  I read her first book One Thousand gifts post partum in 2009/2010 I don’t recall.  I needed that book.  It changed my life.  I was able to count my gifts on a blog, and it led me to creating a new blog here to continue counting my gifts through writing, reflection, and photography.  Ann writes from the heart yet again.  She really never writes any other way.  Her blog and books are worthy of reading, sharing, and giving as gifts.  I gave my sister a copy this Christmas.  We are all broken.  We all need Jesus who broke for us, and we need to love others as He first loved us.  Simply said.  Simply written.  Not-so-simply read.  I’m working through this one slowly and savoring it.  Thank you Ann for this Christmas and year end gift!

That’s a wrap folks.  There are seven fiction and non-fiction books that I know I read this year.  I read more, but I don’t remember them nor want to bore you with a long list of so-so books.  These are the best on my 2016 bookshelf.  PLEASE comment so I know if you have read these or recommend others that are similar for me and my family to check out!  Thanks!



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