You May Be a Middle Aged Mom IF….

  1. You wake in your sexy lingerie only to realize you did not have sex with your husband last night as you hoped.  Instead you fell asleep quickly while watching a Netflix show because you know…you’re exhausted.
  2. You wake up and put a sweatshirt over your sexy lingerie because you have two young boys who don’t need to see your top half.  Modesty is a part of motherhood.
  3. You bake cookies at 4 a.m. for your office AND neighborhood cookie exchange on two separate days of the holiday week because you wake with a hot flash or a pee break. Your bladder is tiny/weak post kids and you have pre-menopause symptoms. Although the OBGYN assured me on Monday of this week that I likely will have my period until well into my 40s or 50s.
  4. You day drink.  You drink wine before the sun goes down just to calm yourself down a bit and realize.  Hey, I’ve got this.  Communion for the soul.  Sweet Jesus I love thee.
  5. You drink just one one a 1/2 glass of wine.  You want to drink the whole bottle but you know better because you’re in charge of the household and wine is costly.  We’re on a budget and responsible parents here.  I believe in drinking in moderation.
  6. You get a puppy for the family for Christmas.  Your kids want one.  Your husband is not super into it.  But, you know you are done having real babies so a puppy seems like just the right amount of stress to add back into the family line of characters.
  7. You like your job but don’t love it.  You, again, are exhausted.  You have a college education and you want to use it not lose it.  You want some extra spending money and want to contribute to the family’s bottom line, but you are scraping the bottom of the energy stores one day at a blessed time.
  8. You want to exercise but have no time.  Kind of.  You have time, but you don’t want to exercise when the time is there because again you’re exhausted.  You’re not old, you are just working your butt off to make sure stuff gets done.
  9. You eat cookies, protein bars, leftovers, and really anything you can lay your hands on throughout the day because you’re hungry, “hangry”, or stressed.  This led to me possibly getting the stomach virus via our second grade son.  Left over rice krispie treat on the table from him to me may or may not have given me the bug mid week.
  10. You love your husband so much because you could never ever do this gig alone.  Even if he did bring home the said “tummy bug” that led to 3 of the 4 in our family going down every 4 hours with excess poo/puke.

The End.  Catch you later ladies!  May your days be Merry and Bright with the light of Christ!



Photo taken earlier this week after breaking into our house because I locked us out.  Kids and I went for a walk with a neighbor mom and her daughter.  When we returned I realized I locked up without a key.  Our kids and husband (via phone) helped us break back into the house.  This picture is communion for one.  I appreciate God & his gifts in all forms.  Grace glimmers when you look closely.



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