Thank You Mom…

Thank you mom for teaching me so much about life.  You are a Super Mom better than any super hero!  I had no idea how hard you worked until I became a mom.  You are out of the this world.  Literally your collection of angels includes you!

You, mom, taught us to love other people, and “be the bigger person” if they were saying/doing things that were not nice.  When I was bullied as a child you held me when I cried.  You and dad affirmed me to be strong and keep my head held high.  My friends came and went, but my true friends always came alongside me then and now.

You, mom, taught me to work hard in school.  “School was my job” according to you and daddy.  We exceeded in the classroom because you and our teachers expected the best from us.  Good grades come through hard work and the belief that one can do well.

You, mom, taught us to try new things.  You let us try out ballet, gymnastics, tennis, T-ball, soccer, keyboarding, piano, the flute, running, singing, acting, art, and anything we showed interest in.  You went right along with us to cheer us on.  You and daddy are always are biggest fans.

You, mom, taught us how to give.  You always had a big drawer in the hallway full of gifts for people.  Perhaps it is still full of cards and gifts.  I remember you saying,  “You never know when someone will be getting married, have a baby, have a birthday, celebrate an anniversary, or just need a gift!”  You taught us to be prepared in life and that included the willingness to shop wisely and give well.

You, mom, taught us how to cook, clean, and work outside the home.  You are still a nurse.  You balance being a wife, mother, grandmother, nurse, and friend better than I can fathom.  You were tired and are still tired.  Now, as a mom, I understand you more.

You, mom, are a great “Gaga” aka “Granny” to our kids.  You always love to spend time with them, spoil them, but also hold them to good standards of Godly behavior.  You are teaching your grandchildren about obedience and grace is mixed in as needed.

You, mom, are a wonderful wife.  You have always loved dad even when you didn’t “like him.”  He and you love passionately and fight with equal passion.  I never understood why you “Don’t believe in divorce.”  But, I watch your commitment to dad: for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.  You and dad have lived a marriage that is real.

You, mom, are growing old gracefully.  You are still young at heart.  You are loving and giving.  Thank you for being a mom to many!

You loved the book “Love You Forever by Robert Munsch…”

“I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be.”

Likewise, the story ends with: I’ll love you for forever, I’ll like you for always.  As long as I’m living my mommy you’ll be.

Dear God,

Thank you God for choosing my parents for me and my sister. 

Help me to never take family for granted. 

Loving one another is your most valuable command. 




Encouraging and refreshing post!! "I guess I just quit trying to make it all look perfect: my kids, my house, my parenting...and as a result we had more room for joy and increased time for laughter." |the House of HendrixClick Photo to Follow Link to another great blog on #motherhood.




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