Saturday Song, “The Walking Dead”

Confession.  I have never seen The Walking Dead.  I know it’s quite popular.  But I am quite a visual learner.  I don’t need to learn about Zombies.  If they ever exist I’d rather not be prepared and live in my bubble of humans today.

The Walking Dead Funny Meme Compilation:

However, today I bring to you a video from the show via my friend Jen S.  She is one of my Kansas friends who watches the show or at least has an appreciation for music that I can relate to.  I love this song!  Don’t worry…the link is only a still picture below:

Easy Street, The Walking Dead

Side note: The Walking Dead is filmed in a sleepy little area of southern Atlanta.  The suburbs of Coweta County play host to this show in grand style.  We used to live and owned property in Coweta County from 2003 – 2009…before the Zombies came.  Thank God!

Happy Saturday!  Listen and enjoy some peppy music,

Jenn Cook



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