I Surrender! I cannot sleep!

Today I woke before dawn…again.  I have a tiny bladder.  So I often have to wake to pee.  Not a problem.  But, when I get back to bed I cannot fall back to sleep.  My mind races of things to do, things to pray about, or things to write about.

I write about some things, but often I am doing chores around the house and drinking hot tea.  Laundry gets down, holiday decor, dishes, and tidying in the wee hours of the morning is happening at our house.  I am not a night owl.  I surrender!  I go to sleep early.  When I cannot sleep I take my anxiety medicine and antidepressant and try to lay back down.  Sometimes that is enough to calm me.  Sometimes not.  Today I surrender!  I did not sleep well last night.

let her sleep for when she wakes quote - Google Search:

Thus I will go to bed early tonight.  Take Melatonin which helps me reset.  And, I will also take a nap this afternoon if possible.  Sleep is necessary and needed.  Surrender when you need sleep.  It will help you and all those you work/live with too.

Five Minute Friday, Surrender, Signing off…



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