Fairy Grandmothers

I’m thankful for my “Fairy Grandmothers.”  They lead me.  They guide me.  They love me.

What is a fairy grandmother?  She is your mother and your mother in law.  She is specially designed for you by God, Our Father.  God knew you needed guidance so He gave HER to you.

You have a mother whether adopted or not.  Your mother is the one who raised you and parented you.  Your mother is also a biological one.  Part of your mom is in you.  Your mother in law becomes a part of who you are through marriage to your spouse.  Your spouse is someone’s child.  I understand why parents want “the best” for their children.  However, God designed us with free will.  With that free will comes sin and contact with The Savior.  We will all fail and fall short of the glory of God.  However, we are still a prayer away from forgiveness and grace from Our Father, His Son, and The Holy Spirit within us can refresh us to do the next thing.

Within us is a guide…The Holy Spirit.  I like to think of my mom and mother in law as a part of my spirit now that I am a mom too.  Whoa.  Deep.

I have a biological mom and a mother in law who is now deceased.  I believe both voices echo within my spirit, within the flight of butterflies, and within my children.  Go with me here.  Go to the land of the fairy grandmothers…

Grandmothers play a special role.  They spoil your children, they teach your children, they are biologically connected to you and your children, and they play a role in how you parent.  Whether you like your mom or mother in law is not the point.  It does not matter  whether or not your mom or mother in law likes you either.

You are created by a Divine God.  Our big God knows every detail about each of us.  It is hard to wrap my head around, but I believe He exists.  I have faith that I was born into the right family, have the best sister, met a soul mate, married, and have two children that God hand selected for me (and my husband).  Along my path as Cinderella, I have discovered how to grow up and work.  It is not fun.  It is not easy.  It is not fair.  This life is real.

This life is real and it is lovely.  I have been blessed with a super immediate and extended family, amazing friends in many cities, and two children who are pretty awesome characters in this story as well.  There is love.  There is loss.

There are fairy grandmothers.  Somehow they hear your wishes and help them come true.  Fairy grandmothers can be here on earth or in heaven.  

I have one in each location presently; I feel connected to both.  I can hear their words coming out of my mouth.  I also feel and kind of hear the sadness and anger in those women’s voices and spirits.  They were raised by parents who self medicated with alcohol.  Not so uncommon in the the 1950s-1970s.  Both my mom and mother in law lived in the mid-western part of the USA.  Both women were housewives with little education but lots of heart.  They were both tiny women with BIG personalities.  Like it or not these women were fierce.  They are my great grandmothers.

These fierce women raised daughters who were in turn a bit wild and fierce.  Those two women likely blew the socks off of their suitors who were more analytical.  My mom and my mother in law both married men in the service.  The men were not career military men, but they both served.  They both wanted beautiful wives, good jobs, and children.  Those men married their “Cinderellas.”  My mom and mother in law worked hard both inside and outside the home.  They raised children who are all successful and married.

Enter present day.  I’m married to my husband, and we know we need to attend a special ball (gala) at the last moment.  We find out Thursday that we need to be at the big dance on Sunday night.  Except it’s not a dance.  It’s a formal dinner with colleagues and clients.  We are the table hosts.  We don’t even know who will sit at the table, we are just told to be there.

So on faith we place our orders to rent a tuxedo and a formal dress.  Yes, I rented my dress.  I had a very positive experience with Rent the Runway. The dress arrived on Saturday morning and low and behold it fit!  Funny thing is the one I wanted was not available in both sizes.  RTR sends you two sizes in case you’re not quite sure how the dress will fit.

On this past Friday I got an email informing me that the size 6 was coming but the size 8 was unavailable due to damage or late return.  The company assured me they would send a comparable and possibly more costly substitute dress in size 8 (no extra charge to me).  Praise the Lord the dress they picked fit and I rocked the evening with my husband!


We both dressed up for the Sunday night gala, and the fairy grandmother arrived to watch the kids and snap the photos.  We were both really nervous, but we were breathing easy after the event.  We had fun.  We laughed.  We loved, and we are still working on that happily ever after part.  Arriving home just shy of midnight this past Sunday night, I smiled as I went to bed.  Thinking…hey it’s not so bad to be a “late bloomer.”  I may not have ever gone to prom in high school, but I sure have arrived on the scene as an adult.


Image from Pinterest and Hillary White

I am “thankful to be here” as my father in law says, and I will always be grateful to see a butterfly fly over the heads of my kids knowing that my mother in law is possibly watching many of the moves we make as parents.  She is happy knowing we are happy.  That was her legacy.  She wanted to be a good mom, and she was.  I want to be a good mom too.  But, I sure as heck need my fairy grandmothers to make it through this journey of motherhood.  It’s okay to wish upon a star.  Your dreams may come true!

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,

since as members of one body you were called to peace.

And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15 NIV 



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