In Front of Me

My friend Sarah was a gift when I met her in a small group Bible study in 2008-2009 her medical woes were just beginning. SHE stands on Truth ya’ll. Read this.

2015-09-02 20.11.24 How could I ever miss this?

A sweet someone asked me this question the other day, “Do you miss ministry?”

Now I’ll admit I probably gave some really awesome answer like, “Um, yeah…I miss some stuff.”


When you are over-medicated and under-rested and have four kids swirling with you in all things back to school, “stuff” is just all you are going to get. There is simply no time for eloquence. Or brain cells.

But then I had a thought.

One of one in about a 72-hour time period.  One that edged on something kind of important. One that I am going to try my best to share.

Please here me when I say this is not, “Sara is so awesome and enlightened that she shall impart on you some great and vast wisdom.”

Anyone who has read anything on this blog or has spent more than two seconds…

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