Dear Daniel,

Dear Daniel,
Today is Father’s Day, and I searched the blog for posts with your name. I found this one from 2 years ago. I hope you have a very happy Father’s Day today. Your dream spot is emerging here alongside me. I’m thankful you have found your new job within the same company. I’m glad you have found joy in bike riding.
I’m ever grateful for your leadership as a father and husband.
You take care of us so VERY, VERY well. I love you. Always, Jenn


Dear Daniel,

You are a fellow dreamer in my life.  We met in college, we married, we moved, and we have made many dreams of mine come true.  We have a house, two sweet children, and we have been able to re-locate back to Florida, the sunshine state, the place I love to call “home.”  Now, I want to encourage you to find your dream spot.

Dream spot.  For you, that is a tricky sort of place to define.  You have had so many dreams…you have wanted to be a doctor, the President (or something political), a member of the FBI, an English teacher, a pilot, a world traveler, or the go to computer guy…you could have pursued any of these.  You like to help people.  You like to make money.  You like to travel.  God has also called you to be a husband and father.  So…that being said…we are…

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