The Night the Otters Came By

We had just finished dinner this past Sunday night, and our neighbor was in our backyard.  I looked up and saw her looking at the river, and I figured she saw a little gator or was admiring a turtle.  Then her step father walked by with a large camera!  I knew there was something good to see in the backyard.  So, I told my husband to head out back.  I was in my pajamas.  He wisely grabbed our camera and joined our neighbors in the backyard.

Our backyard is a glorious place of grace.

Every time I look out the window or sit on the back patio, I can see the beauty of God in nature.  Sunday night was no different.  The river otters stopped by.  Three little otters frolicked and played in our backyard for about thirty minutes.  They swam, they ate, they groomed, and they played.  It got our little family out of the house to see the wonder in nature and the fun in community as well.  We talked with our neighbors, recruited another neighbor to come see, and we smiled.

Our sons even dropped their Nerf war for the action of the great outdoors.  Our oldest brought his flint block and did start a fire as the action in nature wasn’t quite as exciting as the gift of fire!  God is good.  We enjoyed the evening, and I was so thankful to see this rare occurrence.  The otters came by at dusk, and I’m so glad I got re-dressed to see them.  Our family is blessed.  Our God is good, and his grace and gifts never stop coming if you look up.

DSC_3544 DSC_3523 DSC_3517 DSC_3500 DSC_3477 DSC_3476


4 thoughts on “The Night the Otters Came By

  1. Aw, how fun. I love hearing about and seeing pictures of your home. So beautiful and peaceful. There’s something special about those little glimpses of nature, isn’t there? With all the other crazy nonstop motion going on in life, it’s a blessing to slow down long enough to notice the gifts God shares with us. I like to picture Him just smiling, overjoyed like a dad giving his kid a brand new bike each time we stumble upon an unexpected gift.


    1. Crystal-
      It was really fun. Thank you for coming by the blog. Nature constantly amazes me. It is brimming with life and change. I love your analogy above as well! God is a great gift giver! Hope your book launch goes well! Praying for you as you unfold your writing gifts too. Jenn


  2. Awe! Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful view of community and not one otter was hurt or damaged. lol Blessings ~Chris~


    1. Chris-
      Thanks for stopping by! Hope your summer is going well. I’m enjoying the time to rest, work a bit, and write. I thank you for your blessed encouragement! Jenn


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