Am I Generous or Selfish?

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt word is “WORLD.”


The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.

I read many verses that included the word “world.”  That is a tongue twister of a word by the way.  I really do think it is one of the hardest words to say.  I am a speech language pathologist, and I work with children.  The R and L sounds are very hard in the English language.  They are two of the final sounds that are correctly articulated by English speaking children.  Put them together…in the word “world.”  And you have a lingual challenge!

The challenge that I found today was meditating and reading in the Bible on the topic “world.”  I use  I read many passages that contained the word “world” from the Message version of the Bible.  It was a lot of passages.  But, this one struck me the most.  It made me stop and think.

Amy I generous or selfish?  Do I think of the world as a place to give my prayers, time, and money?  Or, do I hone in on the smaller picture…the here and now.  The house of mine, the website that draws me in to look at more clothing, shoes, or accessories (um…Tory Burch), and my world becomes small.  My world can sometimes just be the screen of our PC, my phone, or ipad, and ME.

There is a BIG world beyond me.  I’m forgetting the children in the room with me.  I’ve forgotten to look up at my very handsome husband.  I’m missing out on sleep.  I’ve left a messy house.  I can go out and play in the sunshine.  I can pray for the families that live in my neighborhood, my relatives afar, and the missionaries I know and don’t know.

When I know God’s Truth, I know more.
When I give my time and attention to others, I show love.
When I am generous with my finances, I spread God’s blessings to others not just my own household or closet.
Amy I generous or selfish?
I’m generous.  God made me the daughter of a woman and man (my parents) who taught me how to give time and money away.  They are generous.  I know how to do the same.  I know that giving my time matters.  I know that when I cry next to another mom during a speech session…that is giving true empathy.  I am thankful for these moments.

The moments that we become present with others hurt.  The moments when we also become present with their joy.  When I take a moment to realize that the kids emptying our ice box for a festival of ice in the street to walk on…to throw…to laugh is a blessing.  I don’t have to stop that fun.  I can open my heart larger.  My eyes can get wider than a computer screen.  I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit and the prompt to be generous and loving to others.

Dear God,
You are Generous to us.
Forgive me when I go small and focus only on me.
Thank you for showing me that the world needs more openness. 
You created us to be generous. 
Give us humble hearts and the willingness to look at the wider world in new ways.

8 thoughts on “Am I Generous or Selfish?

  1. This is a good word for me today. My husband recently got a promotion at work and with that came a raise. We’ve been using the extra to pay off medical bills (very necessary) but I’ve been thinking about how we can live with open hands. I don’t want to hoard this blessing. Can’t take it with me, anyway!


    1. 🙂 Praise God for new income to pay down bills. We can be grateful for $ and give as we are able…absolutely!


  2. Lovely post. I know it’s true for me – if I keep my heart open to people and to the largeness of God, my world gets bigger. You put it so well here today.


  3. So often people see money as being generous. But there are so many other ways like our time in which we can be generous. You write so beautifully about them here. I’m visiting from FMF where I’m #8 .


  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week. We do need to be generous with our time, money, and prayers. We were just talking in Sunday School last week about haven a burdened heart for those that are hurting and lifting them in prayer. What a great way to change and expand our world if we all did that. Have a lovely weekend!


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