Our Feeding Disorder Journey– Chapter Seven “Meet the GI Doc”


When our son turned five years old, we were in for his summer healthy well check with the pediatrician…and that led to our referral to the GI doc.  Bryan was now off of the growth curve in terms of height.  He was in the negative percentiles.  HIs weight was still in the normal range, but the height was of concern to the doctor and me.  I had read in picky eating books that a decline in height is a indicator of poor nutrition.  Great.  Not great.  Sense my sarcasm.

The great thing about this was that our pediatrician noted the concern that we had had for quite some time, and she was willing to problem solve with us on ways to help our son.  Step one she recommended that we see a GI doctor for a consult.  Why?  Because after years of poor nutrition and issues with constipation the pediatrician wanted a Gastrointenstinal evaluation to make sure he did not have any long term damage or issues with motility.  We went downtown to our GI doc that was covered under our insurance.  Or so we thought, but when we arrived to check in we were informed that this doctor (recommended by a family friend who is a plastic surgeon) was not on our insurance.  It was a high fee for a consult so I went home.  I researched who we could see and made another appointment.  We went to the GI doc and he examined our son.bryanAndMe (This photo was taken by Bryan and me during our wait in the exam room at the GI doc last summer.  I love this photo.  I love this photo more than the GI doctor.  Perhaps going to the doc isn’t for not.)

The GI doc found no issues based on his case history and exam.  However, he did recommend a colon cleanse protocol (fun fun summer fun!)  He also recommended that we see the intensive feeding disorder team at a local children’s hospital.  It was an outpatient program that would entail four weeks of intensive therapy for five days a week!  I said…”No.  I will take that information, but we would prefer to do outpatient speech therapy with a woman at the outpatient center where I work.  There is a new gal who is specially trained in pediatric feeding disorders.”  He was fine to write that script.

We had met the GI doc.  He was very serious, spoke with a thick accent, and his resident did most of the evaluation and decoded his doc speak to me that day in summer 2014.  We did the colon cleanse over a week’s time to determine the right amount of daily Miralax to be giving to our son.  His dose is two tbsp. per day.  We mix it in his water, and it is tasteless and not visible.  However, if he sees us mix us he won’t drink it.  So we have top secret “fiber placement”.  My husband and I do it off to the side in the kitchen and let each other know it has been given.  We know more about the poop department than most parents.  However, sadly most all parents are poop experts.  Never knew that was a special skill in parenting until we had our second son!

Our parenting skills and outpatient therapy were not enough to win over our son into eating a balanced diet.  We have now entered summer 2015, and we are opting to proceed with the intensive feeding therapy clinic at our local children’s hospital.  The SOS therapy that we tried was met with minimal gains.  We tried.  Our son tried.  But, now we wait for the big evaluation in two weeks.  Please join me in praying for our son and other children who face medical/emotional battles.

Dear God,

You Created all of us unique. 

Forgive us when we try to fit children into molds that do not match their innate being.

Help us to better understand why children face medical and emotional struggles.

It seems so puzzling.  The whys outweigh the how to help concrete answers.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way as we parent, as we process, as we love on our children for who they are and who you made them to be.

Help us to accept others, encourage others, and not judge others.

We each have a special story that you are writing.  Help me to trust you as the author of our journey.



Photo Credit: Love This Pic


2 thoughts on “Our Feeding Disorder Journey– Chapter Seven “Meet the GI Doc”

  1. Love it. We are having similiar issues with our daughter however she is in the opposite direction with her height. She is in the 95th percentile. We have had a very rough winter. She was in a mess from the top of the GI tract to the bottom. We too know a lot about “poopy”. She has been diagnosed with GERD and with a peptic ulcer. She has been impacted 3 times since January while on 2 laxatives a day. All of her blood work is good now. At first her TSH (thyriod) and Vitamin D levels were down. We go back on June 23 to see the doctor. Praying for your family as you go through this time. Good to know you are not the only one out there. Thanks so much for sharing.


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