The Gift of Growing


This past week we celebrated our son’s sixth birthday.  Bryan is growing up.  He now has a “two handed age”!  6.

A half dozen years with him has been splendid and hard.  He was a challenging baby…reflux, fussy, constipated.  But, he was an easy toddler.  He was easy going, easy to potty train (he had an older brother which helped too on that), and he never really had the terrible twos.

As he became three and four…the preschool years went by quickly.  We moved from Kansas to Florida, and he continued to suck his thumb (still does), and go with the flow.  He is much like his father.  My husband is also very easy going and the life of the party!  We giggled last night as a family when trying to settle our two boys.  They are quite different, and equally entertaining.


When Bryan turned five we were not sure if he was ready for Kindergarten (summer birthday, a bit wild, and a bit shy).  However, the preschool assured us he was on par academically and did well socially.  Sure enough, Bryan slowly warmed up to full time days of school.  He is a slow to warm up and hard to stop kind of guy.  He clicked through Kindergarten.  Now, we celebrate summer and our birthdays.

Our boys are a gift.  Birthdays are partly unwrapping gifts, and they are partly a time for reflection on life.  Our children’s lives are a gift to my husband and me.  We get to unwrap that gift daily as we watch them interact, grow, and change.  Some things stay the same though…their temperament, their preferences, their strengths, but it is fascinating to watch the boys become little men.  I’m thankful for that gift.

Dear God,

You created us. 

Forgive us when we forget to marvel at that.

Thank you for the gift of life.  Thank you for our children. 

Be with us as we watch ourselves and our children grow in wisdom, faith, and love.



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4 thoughts on “The Gift of Growing

  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts each week; the prompt always brings out something neat, something for me to think on. Happy birthday to your sweet little guy!


  2. I agree with you that our children are a gift. They bring so much jpy into our lives, don’t they? Hope yoour little man had a wonderful birthday and that he has a great year ahead.


  3. Was the mom of 2 grown boys, I really appreciate this. They are a gift and an adventure for me still. I pray you have many many years of joy and adventure with yours. Happy FMF!


    1. Silly iPad. I AM the mom of 2 grown boys. They are not past tense. 😳


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