5 Steps to Conquer Gagging

This is a great article by a fellow speech language pathologist. It ties right into our feeding disorder

Exploring Oranges with Mel Melanie Potock is an amazing speech pathologist and ‘real food’ advocate for kids (check our her blog mymunchbug.com). I was so excited when she agreed to write this super helpful guest post. Thanks Melanie!

As a pediatric feeding therapist or “food coach for kids”, I was smiling as I read Karen Le Billon’s new book, Getting to Yum. Truthfully, it was more than just a happy look on my face, I have to admit I was downright giddy.   Nothing makes me happier than helping children become more adventurous eaters in a fun and family-centered way. That’s exactly the theme in Getting to Yum: Involve the whole family in taste-training games and help kids tune into the joy of discovering new foods!

But what’s a parent to do if their child is a sensitive eater and gags at the slightest taste or touch of a new food on…

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One thought on “5 Steps to Conquer Gagging

  1. Great tips! I have a friend whose son when he was young struggled with this very thing. It is so easy for us to take eating, chewing and textures of food for granted because we don’t struggle. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Have a great rest of the week!


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