12 Ways to Help a New Mom

As Mother Day approaches think of a new mom you know…it may be a mom who has even had a second, third, fourth child. A neighbor, a daughter, a sister, friend who may need a little encouragement or hands on help. Love to all the moms and those who support moms!


This past week I have been at my sister’s house for a visit.  Seven weeks ago she and her husband had a new baby girl.  Her and her husband are a military family so my brother in law has a variable schedule with long hours.  They also have a very intelligent and active four year old son.

Enter in Aunt Jenn. I flew from FL to TX…leaving my family behind. Here are twelve things I did that may help you or help others who need to give or ask for help when a new baby comes home…

1. Hold the baby.
2. Play with the other kids so mom and dad can pay attention to the new kittle one and each other.
3. Cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the family…we all gotta eat!
4. Buy a small gift for the sibling.
5. Pray with the new mom out loud.

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2 thoughts on “12 Ways to Help a New Mom

  1. I’m so glad you were “present” in the present with her – it was a timeless precious present that never loses its value. When we worry about the future and fret about the past we never find the pure God given joy of the present. You are a good mommy. I’m proud of you. Your ~Chris~


  2. Chris-
    Thank you. You are a good mommy too! I know that the present counts. Jesus knew that too (of course). He never minded being stopped for acts of service. In my adult years, I’m learning to be more go with the flow and realize that God moments occur when I’m present in the moment versus preoccupied with the future. Happy Mother’s Day Chris! Jenn


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