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Today, I had the unique opportunity to listen to myself speak.  Yes, I clicked on Kate Motaung’s website to watch a youtube interview of myself!  It was my exciting moment in time!  Our eight year old is also up at this odd hour (presently 4:39 a.m. people)!  He’s watching youtube videos about Minecraft.  I waved at him, made my hot tea, and sat down to watch my video.  I even told him to pause his video so he could know that “I have a youtube video about my blog today!”  Did he watch with me…no…happy early Mother’s Day!  Minecraft trumps moms people.

Meet me.

I have been blogging since 2009.  Originally my blog was private.  I approved the viewers.  I wrote more in a journalistic style with gratitude and photographs.  Then, upon moving to Florida I decided to make my blog public here at this space.  THANK YOU for reading it!  I was hesitant to open up my heart, words, and life by hitting the Publish button.

Publishing a blog is fun, exciting, time consuming, and lovely.  However, the chance to meet other bloggers is actually scarce.  Well, not that scarce.  I have a few blogging friends on Facebook and three women that I know locally.  What do I blog about?


My Anxiety and Depression Story.

Family: Vacations, Gratitude, Silly-ness.

Our Feeding Disorder Journey.

Recently when I re-blogged a post about our youngest son, I hit a very high spike in readership.  So, Chis Malkemes, a fellow writer, reader, and REAL person I know locally who blogs commented: tell more of this story.  This week, I’ve started a blog series about Our Feeding Disorder Journey.  Each post is a chapter reflecting back on Bryan’s life and ours as a family.

To read more you can visit the first few chapters below:

Our Feeding Disorder, Chapter One-Our Baby Pukes A Lot

Our Feeding Disorder, Chapter Two-Our Baby Needs Early Intervention

Our Feeding Disorder, Chapter Three-“He’s fine. He’ll out grow the picky eating.”

Meet me back here to learn more or follow the blog.  Thank you for meeting me today.  If you are a Five Minute Friday visitor, please consider going to the FMF Retreat in Nashville, TN.  I’m going, and I would love to meet you in real life!  Writing feeds my soul.  I’m thankful God has given me the chance to do it.

Behind and underneath all this there is a holy, God-planted, God-tended root. If the primary root of the tree is holy, there’s bound to be some holy fruit. Some of the tree’s branches were pruned and you wild olive shoots were grafted in. Yet the fact that you are now fed by that rich and holy root gives you no cause to crow over the pruned branches. Remember, you aren’t feeding the root; the root is feeding you.

Link up with Five Minute Fridays, a group of bloggers who write late Thursday nights or on Fridays about a one word topic.  I dare you to try it!  Click here: Kate Motaung.  Also, I cheated…this post took me about 45 minutes to create.  Hitting Publish…because NOW my son wants to watch the youtube video of me, his mom!


9 thoughts on “Meet @graceglimmers

  1. I love this! It’s 2:30 here so I’m going to pass out, but leaving the phone open so I can read more of your writing!

    A follower from Kate’s 5mF.


  2. Great to meet you! So nice to put some faces and voices to all the names…Such a good idea to introduce yourself in the blog post! Unfortunately I won’t come to the retreat (the trip from Germany would be a little too much), but I hope you enjoy getting to know fellow bloggers! Happy Friday to you!


    1. My maiden name is German! I went to Germany in 2000. I stayed in Dresden. Where do you live? Maybe I can come visit you! 🙂 We love to travel. Thanks for commenting! Maybe we can skype you into the retreat! #fmf jenn


  3. Jennifer, so fun to meet you here and on your YouTube intro video. I felt the same way when I did my intro video. I’ve been so blessed to blog about my story too!


  4. Jenn – it was so great to see your video and hear about the beginnings of your blog directly from you. You have a powerful voice and I have no doubt God will use it to His glory. Blessings, friend. 🙂


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