Trust in Tomorrow


I trust in tomorrow because I know God is there.  I used to fear tomorrow.  Dread the distance in time.  However, I have learned to surrender the control to My Maker.

He knows.  He is in control…not me.  Do you ever try to plan for perfection only to be surprised by the interruptions in your today?

I know this week has been full of surprises.  Kid #2 gets strep throat.  Juggle parenting for work and kid care and getting our son to take a teaspoon of “Pink Power” (aka Amoxicillin) twice daily for ten days!  Yeah…that’s going to be an interruption for us all.  Our almost six year old son has a feeding disorder…he HATES new foods/drinks.  He only drinks milk, water, and accepts crunchy carbs.  What’s not to love about that diet!? 🙂

Another interruption on Wednesday night occurred. Our Kid #1 has play practice at our church.  In letting him out of the back seat I notice a big shiny silver nail completely in my back tire!  Ugh.  We both look at it.  I call my husband, and he sends me to Costco to have it checked out.  Yep…”Ma’am you need a new tire…it’s through the sidewall.”  Ordered and paid for special order tire, and back to watch play practice.

Dear God,

You accepted the nails for us.  You Saved us by grace and by pain.  You took constant interruptions when you walked this Earth as a man…Jesus. 

Forgive me when I do not trust in tomorrow being better or okay.  Actually we are never guaranteed that.

Help me pray constantly each day, and accept that I can trust in you today and tomorrow.  Whether I live or die, in smooth hours, surprises, and stressful times YOU are there.  Give me grace and peace.



5 thoughts on “Trust in Tomorrow

  1. Jennifer,
    First of all, yes! A resounding yes!! No matter what plans we make, life(especially as a mama) is just full of interruptions and unplanned moments and distractions. The trick is learning to embrace them…because God already saw them and therefore, made provision for it all! Second, praying God’s blessings of health, provision, and peace over you and your family today.
    Glad to read this!


    1. Stephanie-
      Thank you! I hope that you embrace your day and receive blessings of health and peace today too! I appreciate you stopping by today! I may just have to have an afternoon tea time…not a coffee drinker…but love your blog name! 🙂 Jenn


  2. I love how the nail in your tire brought you to contemplate the nails that Christ took for us. That’s an awesome way of moving through a bad day; looking for His perspective.


  3. Good words, Jenn! I love this: “I trust in tomorrow because I know God is there.” He sure is. He lives outside of time, and He has already won tomorrow for us. Aaaahh (sigh of relief). 🙂


  4. Amen! Through it all, God showed up and reminded you that He’s got this! Weeks like the one you described can only succeed when God is at our side. Blessed to get to know you!

    PS Love your blog title-I am very partial to grace myself! 🙂


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