Relief in Release

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “Relief.”


Relief is a form of release.  When I feel relief I feel at peace, like I can breathe again.  Relief for me means the head ache, heartache, stress, or anger perhaps are gone.

Relief came for me when my anxiety and depression went away after our first son was born…at that time in 2007…we lived in Georgia.  We were a car drive away from our parents, but it still felt like we didn’t fit in Georgia.  We didn’t feel like it was “home.”

We answered God’s call on our lives to move to Kansas.  We felt relief when our house finally sold in Georgia after 11 months on the market…stressful paying a mortgage on a house we no longer lived in and rent in a new place.  We felt relief when our new family of four could settle into a home and neighborhood.  We found a new church, and we found new friends.  But when post partum depression and anxiety crept back in the relief disappeared.

Relief disappeared but my faith did not.  I knew God was out there.  I knew He heard my prayers, but I felt awful in 2010-2011.  Relief came when finally meds were adjusted right, hormones settled, and we were able to move “home.”  We moved back to Florida in 2012.  I am a Floridian by birth.  From 0-21 years of age I lived in Florida.  Now, I feel relief to be back in the Sunshine State.  Back to myself, and I feel good.  The sun and Son are shining bright.

p.s. These Bible verses are lovely from Simply Clarke



6 thoughts on “Relief in Release

  1. Hey there! I live in south Florida! I’m glad you’ve gotten the relief from the only source of relief that really matters. Happy weekend!


  2. I am so glad you have found relief! I’m from South Florida but have lived in NW North Carolina for 27 years! I only miss Florida during the winter months! Visiting from Kate’s #FMF today!


  3. Nice to meet you! Great post. It is so hard sometimes to find the relief from depression etc. Meds can indeed make a difference. Glad you have found some relief. “The Son and the sun are shining bright!” Love that line. So true! My dear friend Joni got lost in a sunflower field when she was little. Her license plate is Sonflwr child for son follower! 🙂


  4. I like the thought that relief comes in the form of release. Held, being stuck, feeling a prisoner in my thoughts, these all require release. Thank-you for a new outlook and thank-you for stopping by.


  5. Joining you from FMF. I totally agree about relief being a release. We’ve talked about that several times in Sunday School. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!


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