She’s Gone but Not Forgotton

addisonandcallie Instagram Photo from Jan 2015

An update for my readers who do actually read my blog…;)

Our sweet calico cat, Callie…passed away peacefully last Saturday morning.  It was a blessing that it occurred on Easter weekend because our kids and I were home with her on Friday when her strange symptoms presented.  She had evidence of right side paralysis, walked in cirlces, and after her vet visit would wedge herself into tight places:

behind the fridge (saved my son and grandma),

between the silverware chest and dining room wall (saved by me),

under the claw foot kitchen table (saved by sons Saturday morning).

We placed her in a laundry basket lined with a blanket on Friday evening to make her comfortable to sleep and not sleep walk/wander.  She tried to get out in the middle of the night so my husband freed her to the kitchen near her food and water.  She had chosen the kitchen as of late as her preferred fave location.

The boys found her under the table Saturday morning and we loved on her again in the laundry basket.  The vet told us she has a blood infection, gave her a steroid shot, and oral antibiotics.  She took her last does of antibiotics on Friday night.  By Saturday morning she was sleeping too hard.  We watched her breathe slow and easy.  We checked on her every half hour.

At 9:53 a.m. she gave two little meows and scratched her head twice with her hind legs then nothing.

I have never watched a living being die.  I have been to funerals, and I have lost loved ones.  But, I have never seen death unfold.  Our poor kids were shocked too.  Our eight year old son cried.  Our five year old son wanted to know “Why didn’t she disappear?”  We believe in Jesus Christ and in heaven.  So, good question…why didn’t she disappear as we read about in the Bible and children’s books…Jesus disappeared from the tomb.  Our cat did not disappear from the laundry basket.

From the laundry basket we moved her to the coffee table for one last check by granny (my mom).  She’s a nurse.  She can listen for a heart beat.  She did.  Nothing.  So little Bryan’s next question, “So are we going to live forever with a dead cat in our house?” No!  So explanations continued.  Grief continued.  We prayed over her, cried, and shared stories of her good and bad behaviors.  Times she spent with us.  Years.  Life events.  Hard days…good days.

Cats and dogs and other pets are with us every day.

They are so symbolic of unconditional love.  Well…I take that back…they are conditional.  They do show preference for those who need an emotional lift and are needy beyond belief.  We take care of them, and they take care of us.

Dear God,

You are Creator of all things great and small.

Forgive us when we feel burdened by the small or forget about their powerful meaning to us and others.

Thank you for Callie and all the animals you placed on this earth.  You entrusted us to care for them.

Help us see You in an animal today or very soon.  Enjoy Callie!  She is a good girl.


p.s. We chose to bury her Easter morning.  She is in our backyard garden under the Tabebuia tree.  There is always a plan in the planting bigger than we can imagine.  He knows.

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2 thoughts on “She’s Gone but Not Forgotton

  1. yvetteedurham 2015-04-09 — 09:56

    I’m so sorry for you all that Callie passed away. I know how heartbreaking it can be. You dealt with it beautifully, particularly with addressing the boys’ inevitable and wise questions. She’s still there with you, as you know. I’m convinced you’ll be reunited again. Much love, I know there’s still that void to fill in hearts. rest assured that you gave your kitty lots of unconditional love and joy in return.


  2. Jenn,
    Losing a pet is so hard but you guided your guys through it with grace, and I’m sure the good memories will remain after the pain of the loss recedes a bit. Hope you are otherwise doing well this spring, friend! 🙂


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