Being Good is Hard

Five Minute Friday post for “Good Friday”…prompt word is “good.”

Being “good” is hard.

Today we took our 19 year old cat to the vet.  She had a stroke last night.  She woke and we woke to watch her limping…dragging her front and back right paws.  Slipping on the tile.  Walking in circles.  Confused.  We sat with her in the early pre dawn hours waiting for the vet to open.  Snuggled her.  I had the kids take some pics an make some videos of her.  Just in case.  The final words on the our eight year old’s video…”you’re a good girl.”


She is a good girl.  She tolerated a family of five kids for 13 years and then moved in with us.  She has been with us for six years…three in Kansas and three here in Florida.  She is a good kitty…very tolerant, snuggly, and keeps to herself pretty much.  She is willing to come out in the evenings and mornings for attention but beyond that she sleeps and doesn’t eat much.  She’s an old lady cat.  She’s lived a good life.  She has loved on our children, my husband, and me.

I had this love revelation today continue as this cat event coincides with “Good Friday.”  On the way from the vet to the bank and back to the vet…I told the kids the importance of today…”Good Friday.”  How Jesus died on a cross…hammered hands and feet…breathed his last next to other bad guys.  Jesus was a good Son.  He obeyed his Father.  He did the tough job of accepting his destiny and dying without complaint.  Being good was hard.

Being good is still hard today.  I think about how our kids disobey all the time including today.   It’s hard to be good listeners, obedient, patient at a vet visit that takes hours.  I lose my patience and get tired, stressed, and frustrated too (most not all days)…it’s hard to be a “good” mom.  We need Jesus.  He is good.  This is Good Friday.  Do you find it hard to be “good?”

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are Good.  You created us and you know we have a tendency to be bad. 

We need You, and we thank you for the reminders of Your grace through Your Son…Jesus. 

He was a good man, and maybe today is GOOD Friday because he obeyed You even in death. 

Help us to be good even when it is hard.

There is beauty in the blood because we know there is life there. 

Blood pumps through our hearts and brains to keep us alive. 

May Your love flow through the Spirit and through us also so that we can love others as You loved us.



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6 thoughts on “Being Good is Hard

  1. Thank God for teaching us through the gift of caring for others and for pets…that LOVE is always good. Prayers for your family and dear pet.


  2. Oh, I find it hard to be good all the time! You are not alone. Only God is good and only a close relationship with him can keep us sweet and even tempered (I know this from experience–I am NOT a sweet, even-tempered person by nature 😉 ). Praying for your family, Jenn!


  3. Some days it is harder to be good than others. But grateful that God allows us to start over in the example of Jesus who guides us to be good. Happy Easter, friend!


  4. Hi Jennifer, the question of being “Good” is difficult. Even Jesus was not considered good by some critiques. Simply put, we should aim at receiving commendation from God alone.
    God bless and thank you for this thoughtful post.
    Happy Easter


  5. It is very hard and I echo many of your feelings as I am a mother too. I am praying with you this day, thanking him for the grace that we so very need. Blessings, Carrie


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