Boys to Men

Boyz to (II) Men was a band in the 1990s.  They were good.  That is not what I’m writing about today.  I’m writing about my own boys to men.  In our house we have two boys.  I am married to a man who is the father they are emulating, relating to, and playing with.  I love seeing their interactions.  Here is a snippet of our recent photos at our house…cropped to include the moments of my own boys to men:

bacdacsoccer dacscouts dacsoccer




You see that final shot of a buck peeking out of the hill in our backyard?  My husband gets the photo credit for that one.  That boy deer reminds me of my own boys…they are peeking out into our world.  They are one day going to be men.  They will one day be fully grown bucks.

These bucks seem to roam our backyard at unique moments.  Our own boys do the same.  They have some freedoms now.  They play.  They do Scouts and they play soccer.  Their dad is an awesome father.  Likewise, Our Father (GOD) is an awesome Father.  He releases us each into the world to learn, to grow, and to relate to others.  I see grace being played out in the relationship I have with our boys, and in their relationship to my husband, their father.  I pray that each day we observe the growth, playfulness, and love stories being played out around us.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are our Creator.  You made us each a part of Your world.  We grow in our understanding of You from childhood to adulthood.  Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful story unfolding in nature outside our home and inside our home.  Animals and my own children remind me that You create beauty, grace, and movement.  Forgive me when I think I am the one in control.  You have such a BIG design for each of our lives. 

Help me to stand back and take it all in…giving thanks and giving love.


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