Keep Reading and Writing


Keep is the Five Minute Friday prompt by Kate Moutaung today.  If you would like to see more posts like this or join in the link up please do! Each Friday I join other writers in a one word prompt and write for five minutes (a little more for me because I do not stop mid thought and I like to add media and edits).  Today’s word is KEEP…

I keep reading and writing.  A friend recently asked me if I’ve always been a writer.  Yes and no.  I have always liked keeping a diary and reading series of books even as a child.  I continue as an adult writing here on my blog (sort of an online diary), and I keep an interest in many books.  I often have multiple books going at a time.  As a mom I find snippets of time to read the things that intrigue me and challenge me and let me escape a bit.

A bit of soul searching this morning in my morning in bed prayer time was spent thinking of next year.  What activities will I keep and which ones do I need to change or let go?  I find that I’m a planner.  I have two boys in elementary school, and I work part time as a speech therapist.  I like the job of mom and SLP.  They both bring me joy.  I also like to exercise so I dabble in running, yoga, walking, and playing tennis.  I also enjoy Bible study with Community Bible Study and prayer time with Moms in Prayer.  So in Fall 2015 what will my days look like?  What will I keep on the schedule?

Dear God,

You are the giver of Time.  Forgive me when I twist my time into MY time and forget it is a gift from YOU. 

Help me to pray about the things I keep and those I let go of for the rest of this year.  Give us the patience to accept what you give us to do, and the wisdom to choose activities that please you and bring us closer to you.


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7 thoughts on “Keep Reading and Writing

  1. Grateful to be your neighbor this morning at FMF. I like the direction you went with the word “keep”. We so need to evaluate what we are to keep doing with our time & where the Lord would have us to tweak it. You offer much practical wisdom in this post which I will be thinking about today. Blessings!

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  2. I’m someone who enthusiastically overestimates all the things I’ll be able to do in a year (or week, or day). What will I still be doing in September 2015? That will be interesting to find out! But you’re right – whether willingly giving up things, or consequentially finding out we don’t have time/energy for them… a filtering and choosing process has to go on. May we do the things that are best. I add my AMEN to your closing prayer.


  3. Always a breath of fresh air to read your posts, and I really enjoy the Friday prompt word day. Yes you have a lot on your plate, and it is essential to prioritize what do I need/want to do the most? Life and friends can pull you in many different directions. You are one of those people that people (definitely me)! want to be around. Love the way your posts end on a prayer, I always echo and Amen them because they always seem so relevant to me too:-)

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    1. Thank you for reading and writing next to me. We have so much to give and give up…choosing the best yes one moment and a day at a time. Now.. fire time and quiet as a family….ah….


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